Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Akio Kashiwagi Baccarat

Akio Kashiwagi Baccarat
Born 1938, Akio Kashiwagi was a Tokyo real estate investor via his company Kashiwagi Shoji Co.  He stated being the sole owner of his real estate and investment business.  Claiming to be a billionaire with an income of $100 000 000 a year and $1 000 000 000 in assets. 

Akio Kashiwagi was a casino whale / high roller who frequented Las Vegas casinos throughout the 1970s and 1980s.  He was so famous that he was the inspiration for the character of K.K. Ichikawa (a wealthy Japanese high roller) in the film Casino. 

Akio Kashiwagi lived a real love story with the Baccarat card game.  He could play Baccarat for many hours betting $100 000 to $200 000 on a single hand.  He was nicknamed "Warrior" by casino employees.  Still these days, Akio Kashiwagi is known as one of the biggest gambler of all time.

Akio Kashiwagi got the record for both the biggest Baccarat winning and the biggest Baccarat loss.  Both record happened in Atlantic City's Trump Plaza Casino.  In February 1990, playing his usual $200 000 per Baccarat hand, playing at the rate of $14 000 000 an hour, he cashed $6 000 000 in 10 hours of gambling.  Which is the record for Baccarat's winning. 

But on May 1990, after 5 056 hands in 70 hours over the length of 6 days, he loss $9 400 000 at the same table.  Which is a record for Baccarat's lost.  Ironically, he was ahead $5 500 000 on his third day at the table.  But greed got the best of him and he lost it all plus almost $10 million of his pocket money.

He was found dead in his home on January 3, 1992.  Stabbed to death, 150 wounds of samurai sword were found on his body.  His murder was probably related to his allegued ties with the Yakuza, it was never solved.  At the moment of his death, he still owed about $9 000 000 to Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos.

Betfair Zero Lounge Baccarat

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Greatest Golf Hustlers

Greatest Golf Hustlers
They never wanted to turn pro because there were a lot more money to be made as an hustler.

The one and only Titanic Thompson, the great one.  One of the greatest all-around gamblers of all time.  Not only a poker champion, also a proposition gambler and a fearsome golf hustler.

2- Amarillo Slim
Another poker champion and a gifted natural athlete which helped him achieves success in all kind of proposition bets.  He once beat legendary pool player Minnesota Fats at pool, using a broomstick.  And defeated tennis champ and famous gambler Bobby Riggs at Ping Pong, using a frying pan.

3- Bobby Riggs
Mostly known as a tennis champion and gambler.  Bobby Riggs was also a great golf hustler.  The most famous tennis hustler ever!  Searching for fresh victim on the tennis court and golf course.  He would regularly handicap himself.  Like playing tennis with a frying pan instead of a racket.  And playing golf with a single club for the entire game.  Whatever the handicap, Riggs was usually the winner.

4- Jeanne Carmen
A B-movie blonde babe of the 50s, a trick shot master, and the best female golf hustler ever known.

Plus the countless number of golf hustlers who want to stay anonymous for business sake.

If you wanna be a professional golf gambler.  The best sportsbook around is Betfair.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bill Benter

Bill Benter
Bill Benter is one of the most successful horse punter ever.  Bill Benter is said to take home $37 000 000 a year via a computer horse punting program.  In this miracle computer software, each horse are rated on 120 different handicapping factors.  Then after, the winning probabilities are estimated and the appropriate amount to bet is calculated.  The amount to bet must be specific since a bet too big can considerably drop the odds, which will drop the potential profit.

For doing this, Bill Benter first earned a University physics degree.  Then he became a professional gambler for the next 25 years or so.  He started his gambling career playing blackjack in Las Vegas for seven years before being banned from all casinos since he was too good.  Then, he hooked up with fellow card counter Alan Woods and the two became horse racing punter/handicapper in Hong Kong, China.

Many see him as the most successful sports bettor in the world. 

 If you wanna be a horse punter too, the best ever place to bet is at Betfair

Friday, July 1, 2011

High Stakes Blackjack Whales

High Stakes Blackjack Whales

Baccarat is the game of choice for all billionaire high rollers.  But Blackjack is their second favorite games.  Why just these two games?  Because Baccarat and Blackjack offers better winning odds than the roulette and any other casino games. 

Whales are loved and feared by casinos.  Since these casino whales has so much money that they can put a casino to its knees.  Playing high stakes blackjack with $100 000 to $500 000 per hand.  These multi billionaires from all over the world (especially Asians) could lose $200 000 000 without blinking an eye.  Now, imagine the dammages they can do when they are lucky.

More than often, casinos all over the world get plucked by those high roller casino whales and their infinite bankrolls.

Below are just a few examples with the Blackjack game.

- In April 2011, a professional Blackjack player and horse handicapper named Don Johnson squeezed $5 800 000 out of Tropicana casino playing $100 000 per Blackjack hand during 12 hours.  The 49 years old pro gambler is also reported as having won $4 230 000 at Caesars Atlantic City in December 2010.  And crushed the Borgata casino for $5 000 000 over a 5 months period.  Over $15 000 000 for 6 months of work.  Not bad!

Due to his 15 years winning streak, mister Johnson has been banned from several casinos all over Atlantic City and Nevada.

- Recently, an unidentified whales beated the crap out of Tropicana casino winning $5 300 000 mostly playing craps ($100 000 per bet), Blackjack and Baccarat.

- A billionaire oil sheik snatched £12 000 000 from Capital Gaming Club playing 3 hours of Blackjack.

- Aspers Groups casino lost £13 000 000 on traditional and online Blackjack.

- World class whales Adnan Khashoggi once had a £5 000 000 win.

- Billionaire high rollers Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Quek Leng Chan, Pini Zahavi, and Putera Sampoerna all had multi million pound wins during the same time frame.
- No counting the multiple wins of mega-whales Kerry Packer and Kamel Nacif.

Thunder in paradise, casinos are far from being infallible.  We won't cry for them! 

Learn to player Blackjack with perfect strategy HERE

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kamel Nacif Casino Whale

Kamel Nacif - This wealthy Mexican businessman goes to Las Vegas 6 to 10 times a year with a bankroll between $1 000 000 and $5 000 000 each time.  The high-stake Baccarat player, with an average of $160 000 per hand, is said to have taken between $18 000 000 and $22 000 000 from Vegas casinos.  He is said to become easily agitated when things not going his way. 

Known as "El Rey de la Mezclilla" (the Denin King), Kamel Nacif Borge make his fortune in textile.  Kamel Nacif is one of the richest men in Mexico.  And he is currently one of the biggest and most famous gambler in the world.

Be a High Roller.  Play Baccarat.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Betfair Zero House Edge Jacks or Better

Betfair Zero House Edge Jacks or Better
For Jacks or Better, there is no better place to play than Betfair.  Still the only place with a Zero House Edge Lounge.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Betfair Zero Lounge Baccarat

Betfair Zero Lounge Baccarat
Have you ever listen to a James Bond movie?  If your answer is yes.  You certainly know that James Bond is a gambler and a risk-taker.  And the favorite gambling game of the agent 007 is baccarat.  Baccarat is in fact the favorite game of all the billionaire high rollers and casino whales of the world.  Baccarat is a rather simple card game.
The world wide popularity of baccarat among high-rollers
 is maybe due to James Bond?  Who knows!

Here, the winning strategy is damn simple!  Always bet on the banker.

And just like blackjack, roulette, Jacks or better...  Here at Betfair, the house edge is zero.

Betfair, the only place to play.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack

Betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack
Like with roulette, baccarat, Jacks or Better.  Betfair is the only place were you should play blackjack.  With better odds than any other casino in the world.  Betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack, play with perfect strategy (check the above chart), and you will guarantee maximum potential gains.
Blackjack perfect strategy
Keep this invaluable chart and tape it next to your computer.

Since Betfair pay out 2-1 for a suited natural Blackjack and a five card twenty one.  Played with the proper strategy and the house edge is down to 0.

So join all the high rollers of this world and go play some blackjack on, the largest casino and sportsbook in the world.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Betfair Zero House Edge Roulette

Betfair Zero House Edge Roulette
Betfair is the only place were you should play roulette.  Why?  Because they is NO zero.  So the odds versus a single number and a color are the same.

50/50, no house edge at all!
So, casino players, don't waste your time anymore searching the net to play your favorite game.  Betfair is the only place were you should play.
Betfair is the only place were you can find zero house edge game.  Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Jack or better...  name it, you got it!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best place to practise Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'Em

The best place to practise Heads-Up No Limit Hold'Em (HUNLHE) for free

Texas No-Limit Hold'Em is the big thing right now.  Texas No-Limit Hold'Em is on tv, on sports channels, everywhere.  If you want to learn and play poker without losing your shirt.  Pokerstars is the perfect place for you.  At Pokerstars you can play for free with fictive money against a large variety of players.  Without a doubt, the best place were you can practice HUNLHE.  Playing with fictive money is the perfect place to learn your craft.  Having fun while learning the game, the basic strategy, the bankroll management, and the ins and outs of online poker.

Practise make perfection!
Download for free!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Chess, backgammon, poker, and bridge

Chess, backgammon, poker, and bridge
The four great minds games

Games like bridge, poker, and chess are great for business. These games all use methods that can can be incorporated into the way you view and make business decisions. Chess in particular requires strategic decision-making, concentration, tactics, and evaluation.

A complete information game where you are playing against the board.  A game were the better player always win.  A small difference in skill make a huge difference on the scoreboard.  Chess is a game of pure skill, concentration, and strategies.  Chess requires strategic decision-making, concentration, tactics, and evaluation.  No luck involved here.

Garry Kasparov is maybe the most dominant chess player of all time.

Just like chess, backgammon is a complete information game where you play against the board.  Backgammon is a tactical game of concentration, positional evaluation, and math.  The dice is the element of luck in the game.

The most notable player is the 3-times Backgammon World Champion and successful gambler Tim Holland.

It is a simple card game of hidden information who rewards attention and the reading of psychological situations.  An element of luck coming from the cards.  A game of skill and deception.

Currently, the best all-around poker player of the world is Phil Ivey.

Like many card game, bridge is a game of hidden information.  Bridge is about remembering every card, probabilities, and communication.  Some luck involved here.

Someone could make a living as a pro bridge player by gambling 
high-stakes bridge and/or being a paid partner for people.

The best player in the world and probably the best player of all time is "Mr. Bridge" Bob Hamman

So, apparently, unless you are a super grand master--chess is for fun and intellectual stimulation. Also, duplicate bridge is mostly "for fun". Backgammon is a game where you can be a pro and earn a living. Poker is a game where you can be a pro and usually earn even a better living than you usually can at Backgammon. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Betfair - Poker

Betfair is not only the best Sport Exchange and has a Zero Lounge Game casinon.  It is also a great place to play juicy poker.  Soft and fishy competition, excellent software, and a lot of players.

Go get it and play NOW!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Betfair Casino - Zero House-Edge Lounge

Betfair Casino - Zero House-Edge Lounge

The Betfair Casino is the only casino where there is a zero house-edge lounge.  The company is calling it the Zero Lounge: an area where the games have 100% returns to player.  For roulette they have removed the zero.  This is an unprecedented move which other operators will be watching with interest – it goes against everything that casinos have been trying to do over the years – increase the edge!  The idea is that they get more customers with a higher turnover.   Players will also have to observe basic strategy on Blackjack, Jacks or Better and Baccarat to take advantage of the zero edge – which we know not all players will do – this creates a small margin for Betfair – very clever!  Betfair Casino offers two great casino lounges, the Zero Lounge and the Main Lounge.  The Main Lounge offers the usual casino fare with the reliability of a major online gambling company behind it.  It’s the Zero Lounge that makes Betfair so different.  The Zero Lounge is the first casino with zero house edge on every game.  The return to players on all zero games is 100.0 per cent.  

Betfair Casino is the only online casino with no house edge and that means the odds on you winning at Betfair are greater than anywhere else.  Betfair Casino offers two great casino lounges, the Zero Lounge and the Main Lounge.  The Main Lounge offers a huge range of the newest and most exciting games making it one of the most diverse and best value casinos on the web.  Betfair prides itself on offering a unique service.  The zero lounge continues that tradition by offering the only casino where games can be played with no house edge.  If the zero lounge doesnt have the game that you want to play, visit the Betfair main lounge.  The main lounge offers fantastic player bonuses and unbeatable offers only available to Betfair Casino customers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Doing the right thing in poker

Doing the right thing in poker

According to all time great cash game poker player Chip Reese.  There is some basic rules to observe to be a winning poker player.

     - Playing the best hand
     - Not chasing
     - Knowing where you're at in hand
     - Getting away from hands when you're beat

As Chip Reese would said: "It's hard to lose that way."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pittsburg Phil

Pittsburg Phil
Pittsburg Phil, given name George Elsworth Smith, (1862-1905), was a professional gambler - horse racing handicapper who became a multi-millionaire circa 1895.  He was described as cool, calm, and as having a phlegmatic demeanour. 

At the time of his death in 1905, Pittsburg Phil had amassed a fortune worth $3 250 000, including real estate, stocks and bonds.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fictional Gamblers: Who's the best?

Fictional Gamblers: Who's the best?
The fictional world is the reflexion of the real world.  Like in the real world, gamblers and investors of all kind are presents in the fictional world of Hollywood.  There is some really interesting and fascinating characters from the movie screen.


The Cincinnati Kid (1965)
His Name: "The Man" Lancey Howard
His Game: High Stakes Five-Card Stud
Accomplishments: As the king of New Orlean's gambling world, The Man has never been beaten in five-card stud.

Shade (2003)
His Name: The Dean
His Game: Poker "mechanic" (cheater / con-artist)
Accomplishments:  The greatest mechanic in the world, The Dean has never been beaten and is a living legend.

Casino Royale
His Name: Le Chiffre
His Game: High Stakes Texas Hold'em
Accomplishments:  Chess prodigy and mathematics genius who uses his abilities to make fortunes on the stock market and at poker.


The Runner (1999)
His Name: Deepthroat
His Game: Sports Betting
Accomplishments: A devious, ruthless, and powerful pro gambler who like to play mind games with his employees (runners).

Back to the Future Part II
His Name: Biff Tannen
His Game: Sports Betting
Accomplishments:  Becoming one of the richest and most powerful men in the world by using a sports almanac giving him 25 years of the upcoming sports' results in the future.  The dream of everyone!


Wall Street (1987)
His Name: Gordon Gekko
His Game: Corporate Raider
Accomplishments:  In 2008, with an evaluated fortune of $8.5 billion, Gordon Gekko was named the fourth richest fictional character by Forbes magazine.  Inspiring an entire generation of stock brokers and day traders. 

The character of  Gordon Gello was partly inspired by Ivan Boesky, Carl Icahn, and "Junk Bond King" Michael Milken.

In my view, in the fictional world of Hollywood and movies, the three greatest gamblers/investors are Le Chiffre, Biff Tannen, and the immortal Gordon Gekko.  If you have other suggestions, don't hesitate to add them in the comments sections below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mickey Appleman

Mickey Appleman
Mickey Appleman unique look...  Yes, this is his real hair!
Mickey Appleman is a 66 years old pro gambler, poker player, sports bettors and handicapper.   Some of his biggest bets are betting $900,000 on the Carter/Reagan election, $300,000 on Larry Holmes against Muhammad Ali, $500,000 on a football game between Louisville and Memphis State. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game

High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game - The Ultimate Poker Challenge

Chess vs Poker

They say chess is the Games of Kings.  Give me a break!!
There is no risk in chess, no financial gain, no financial loss.  In my view, chess is pointless.  It kill all hope for the beginner, since chess is a complete information game.  There is no luck and randomness in it.  The best player will always win.

At less in poker, you always got an element of luck, which can play in your favor on the short-term.  But like all zero-sum game, in the long term, the most skilled player will always win.  But at least, the beginner or a player with marginal skills got some chance to break the bank if he is lucky, sometime very lucky.  It is all about choosing the right table at an appropriate level.

But don't think for a second that poker is just a brainless game of hazard and chance.  Don't you think that if it was just a silly game of luck you would always see the same people winning poker tournaments years after years?!?  Those people reigning on top of the poker world would be the World Luckiest People?!?  That's like all those profanes who think that the stock market is just a "game" of luck!?! 

For playing it myself, I can tell you that luck, in the long term, play for very little in the career of a poker player.

Never mind, there is no money to be made on chess.

Hold'em is to stud what chess is to checkers.
--Johnny Moss 

Doyle Brunson was referring to no-limit hold’em (NLH) as the ‘the Cadillac of poker games’ over 30 years ago.  This is undoubtedly the case in cash games.  Doyle Brunson also rightfully said that No-Limit Hold' Em is a money game played with cards.

The Ultimate Poker Challenge

But if poker is so great!!!  Can you tell me which form of poker is the best?  Which poker variant is the ultimate poker challenge?

Without any hesitation I say High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game.  Don't give a fuck about chess, bridge, and backgammon.  When your life is at stake at the center of the table and your financial well-being depends on the way you will play the flop, the turn, and the river...  Like Doyle Brunson would: "That's poker folks!"  

No-Limit is a not a card game. It is a money game played with cards.               
-- Arthur Reber

High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game

High Stakes: Higher stake equal superior skills.  That's where the big boys play.  You will find the best players in the world, poker pros, and billionaire gamblers at the highest stakes...

Heads Up: The most extreme form of poker is heads-up, mano-to-mano, that where you see who is the best player of poker... 

No-Limit: that's where you can be your own worst enemy.  You're not only against the other player but you're against your emotions.  In poker, you must control yourself and keep a cold head.  Emotions are deadly!  Going on tilt is forbidden... 

Hold' Em: Texas Hold' Em is the name of the game... 

Online: Faster pace equal more hands per hours.  That's where all the action is!  The more hands you play the more experience you get.

Cash Game: The most lucrative and deadly form of poker.  That's where the money is... 

Who is on top of the food chain?

Sorry Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey is on top of the food chain.  Phil Ivey is the best overall poker player in the world.  Phil Ivey is excellent!

Jouez au poker en ligne
Jouez au poker en ligne

My HSHUNLHEOCG top poker players ranking

Maybe not as controversial as my lambasting of the chess game but it will certainly suscitate a lot of reactions from poker aficianados.  I will decorticate each element of the HS-HU-NL-HE-O-CG one by one.  So it will be less confusing.

High Stakes:  The Ultimate King of Nosebleed Poker is Texas banker Andy Beal, hands down.  Billionaire Andy Beal was at the center of the most epic poker confrontation in recent memory.  The Banker versus The Corporation.  The billionaire banker from Texas vs the best professional poker players of the world in $100 000/$200 000 Heads-Up Limit Hold'em.  What do you think about that?  It's not just nosebleed poker, it's bloodbath poker.  The stakes were so high that the pros got to regroup themselves and form a Corporation to equal the endless bankroll of Andy Beal.  The Banker defeated The Corporation a few times until Phil Ivey came to The Corporation rescue and stomped The Banker.  To read the entire story goes to: Andy Beal - The Banker versus The Corporation

Heads-Up:  Really close to the excellence in HSHUNLHEOCG, his name is Tom "durrrr" Dwan.  Right now, the guy is the most successful High Stakes Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Online Cash Game poker player in the world.  Sorry again Tom Dwan, you were my first choice but...  wait a minute... an unknown player named Isildur1 snatched $5.3 millions from your bankroll.  Isildur1, later revealed to be Viktor Blom, defeated Patrick Antonius for $1.6 million.  Was conned out of $4.2 millions by Brian Hastings in an unfair battle.  And, just like Andy Beal, Isildur1 was outplayed by Phil Ivey, losing $3.2 millions to Ivey.   To read the entire story go to Isildur1 Viktor Blom.

No-Limit:  Stu Ungar.  Blessed with a genius IQ and a photographic memory.  He started as an unbeatable gin rummy player, beating cheaters and world champions alike.Once said there was no one who could beat him in poker other than himself.  He was right since he self-destructed snorting excessive amounts of cocaine (his nose collapsed) and routinely losing all his money on sports bets, horse bets, and prop bets.  Having won an estimated $30 million during his poker career, Stu Ungar died of an heart attack at 46 years old with only $800 in his pocket.  His friends paid for his funeral services.

Hold'em:  Sorry no Phil Hellmuth there, this is not about tournament poker it's about cash game heads-up.  I will go with Doyle Brunson here.  The Godfather of Poker.  Like he would say:  "Texas Hold'em is the Cadillac of poker."

Online:  Tom Dwan.  Despite his $5.3 millions downstring against Isildur1 Viktor Blom.  Over the long haul, durrrr is said to be the best poker player online.  Phil Ivey think that one day, Tom Dwan will kick his butt at poker.

Cash Game: 
???  To paraphrase Phil Ivey, cash game is real poker.  And Phil Ivey is The Man here.  He bested Andy Beal and won more than $16 millions from him and he outsmarted Isildur1 Viktor Blom earning $3.2 millions.  Enough said.


They are all playing differently but aggression is a common trait of all these poker champions.  Whether you are tight or loose you should always play aggressive poker.  You must be a shark to swim with the sharks.

Jouez au poker en ligne
Jouez au poker en ligne

"I believe in poker the way I believe in the American Dream. Poker is good for you. It enriches the soul, sharpens the intellect, heals the spirit, and - when played well, nourishes the wallet." ~ Lou Krieger