Why Heads-Up Fixed Limit Texas Hold' Em Poker?

Far from being the most popular version of poker, Heads-Up Fixed Limit Texas Hold' Em Poker alias HULHE, Fixed Limit Heads-Up, HE HE, Heads-Up Fixed Limit Hold' Em, HU Limit HE, HUFL, HUHU LHE, LHE HUHU, HUHU FL, HU LHE, FL heads-up, FLH heads-up, is, in my view, the ultimate form of poker.  Heads Up Limit Hold' Em is the purest form of poker you can get.  I will go even further by proclaiming that HULHE is the best blend of a combat sport and gambling you can get. 

Here are my etymological explanations in four parts.

Heads-Up (HU / HUHU).  Heads-up poker is a pure mano a mano, hand to hand combat sport confrontation between two players eager to win the entire chips stack of their opponent.  As Jason Koon, a successful tournament player, would say: “Heads-Up the Purest Form of Poker”.  He is 110% right!  Since, without a shadow of doubt, heads-up is the most skilled form of poker in existence.

No full ring or 6 max poker game can challenge you as much as an heads-up poker game.  In heads-up poker, you can't hide.  Your profits as your mistakes will be amplified.  And for action junkies or simply those who prefers constant action over endless waiting.  Heads-up poker is THE game for you.  BUT if you expect to have any kind of success at heads-up poker.  YOU MUST do your homework.  You need to study and practise your craft.  Usually, in heads-up poker, the more skilled player got the edge and win most of the time.  If you don't believe me, just try to outplay Phil Ivey in an heads-up poker match.

Fixed Limit (L / FL).  In fixed limit, you can't eliminated by any unskilled all-in tilting maniac.  Less luck, more skill.  That's what any serious mind game is all about!  And that's what poker should be all about!  Fixed limit used to be THE way to play poker.  But since the 2003 "Chris Moneymaker" poker universal poker boom.  No-Limit seems to be the only hold'em game available online.  Due to his dramatic nature, no-limit is a lot more TV friendly than fixed limit will ever be.  To paraphrase German pokerstars high stakes HU FL HE online specialist “rUaBot”, fixed limit is a science and no-limit is an art. 

Texas Hold' Em (HE).  For hold'em my explanations are plain and simple.  Texas Hold' em is the poker to play right now.  Since 2003, thankx to Chris Moneymaker (an amateur player with an highly appropriated given name qualifying online for the world championship) winning 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP), Texas Hold' Em and online poker popularity litteraly exploded all around the world.   This world wide fascination for poker and Texas Hold' em in particular is called "The Moneymaker Effect".

Anyway, as poker living legend Doyle Brunson once said: "Texas Hold' Em is the Cadillac of Poker."  However, I'm not sure he included fixed limit hold'em in his claim.

Poker.  Poker is the ultimate form of gambling.  Poker is a combat sport.  Poker is a mind game.  When you think about a pro gambler.  You think about a poker player.  After all, riverboat gamblers were all poker players.  Calling poker gambling is a fallacy.  Gambling is wasting your money on games you just can't win. You can't get the edge on casino games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps...  Poker is a game of skill rather than luck. 

The Riverboat Gambler
always got the edge

Since there is unfortunately no book and no website fully dedicated to Heads-Up Fixed Limit Texas Hold' Em Poker.  I wish that this blog will fill the void.  And ultimately, I wish that HU L HE will regain some popularity.  I need fish at the table!!!


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