Monday, August 30, 2021

Romney MONEY Shirts


Romney Family MONEY line-up.
Romney Family MONEY line-up

With a net worth of $250 MILLION, the Romney Family can all be spelling M-O-N-E-Y with a shitload of it!!!

Mitt Romney Bain Capital Money Shot picture.
Mitt Romney Bain Capital Money Shot picture

The above picture from 1984 resurfaced as a "scandal" during his 2012 Presidential run. It was for an HBO screen-test for a TV show. Considered their wealth, they were modest just snapping $10 and $20 bills instead of good ole' c-notes. Why?

Romney led Bain Capital (private equity firm) to grow from a staff of seven managing $37 Million to a staff of 115 managing $4 Billion.

American medias should salute his financial success instead of demonizing it.

Romney Family MONEY T-Shirts.

Stop Being Poor T-Shirt to financial freedom.

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'Stop Being Poor' RichKidsOfInstagram.
'Stop Being Poor' RichKidsOfInstagram

Rich Kids of Instagram aka Gilded Youth aka Rich Kids of Singapore are the privileged rich kids who spend their parents' money while flaunting their wealth on Instagram.

The "Stop Being Poor" trend was started by Billionaire socialite heiress Paris Hilton.

Stop Being Poor Rich Kids.
Stop Being Poor Rich Kids