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Romney MONEY Shirts


Romney Family MONEY line-up.
Romney Family MONEY line-up

With a net worth of $250 MILLION, the Romney Family can all be spelling M-O-N-E-Y with a shitload of it!!!

Mitt Romney Bain Capital Money Shot picture.
Mitt Romney Bain Capital Money Shot picture

The above picture from 1984 resurfaced as a "scandal" during his 2012 Presidential run. It was for an HBO screen-test for a TV show. Considered their wealth, they were modest just snapping $10 and $20 bills instead of good ole' c-notes. Why?

Romney led Bain Capital (private equity firm) to grow from a staff of seven managing $37 Million to a staff of 115 managing $4 Billion.

American medias should salute his financial success instead of demonizing it.

Romney Family MONEY T-Shirts.

Stop Being Poor T-Shirt to financial freedom.

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'Stop Being Poor' RichKidsOfInstagram


'Stop Being Poor' RichKidsOfInstagram.
'Stop Being Poor' RichKidsOfInstagram

Rich Kids of Instagram aka Gilded Youth aka Rich Kids of Singapore are the privileged rich kids who spend their parents' money while flaunting their wealth on Instagram.

The "Stop Being Poor" trend was started by Billionaire socialite heiress Paris Hilton.

Stop Being Poor Rich Kids.
Stop Being Poor Rich Kids


Saturday, May 1, 2021

Fine Art America success story


Fine Art America vs Sillicone Valley
Fine Art America vs Sillicon Valley

From the Founder/CEO of Fine Art America and, Sean Broihier.

Fine Art America produces museum-quality artprints since 2006 and is one of the only major POD (print-on-demand) companies that has never raised money from investors.

What is admirable about Fine Art America - aside from producing high-quality artprints - is the fact that to this date:

  • was built by a single programmer in 2006
  • is run by just 8 employees
  • is profitable
  • has zero debt
  • doesn't have any investors
  • doesn't have any connection to Silicon Valley
  • never raised money
  • is a privately held company
  • 100% self-funded
  • fully automated
  • highly diversified (18 companies into one) online, offline, mobile, and streaming.
Despite being 100% independant and "under-funded", they succcessfully competed against tech giant corporations with hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions in venture capital.

Sillicon Valley mentality
  • raising millions of dollars from investors in venture capital
  • hiring 50+ employees
  • spending millions of dollars on your website, product development, and advertising
  • Maybe someday, figuring out how to make money...
The fact and the matter is that raised money isn't yours. It's the money of your new bosses - your investors and board of direction that you have to answer to. You're now an employee that lose a lot of his control to new bosses.

Against conventional wisdom (Sillicone Valley, Shark Tank, MBA, Wall Street, etc), maybe raising capital is a sign of weakness. A sign that your company isn't profitable and that you need outside money to keep it alive?

Fine Art America stated that the secret to its success is that they never raised money. FAA success formula is to be lean, automated, highly diversified, and profitable.

The founder/builder of FAA was a one man operation with absolutely no money and no connection in the art world and the internet world. Instead of spending months chasing investors, he simply choose to build his business. 

Fine Art America vs Venture-Backed Startup David trashing Goliath
Fine Art America vs Venture-Backed Startup: David trashing Goliath

Being My Own Boss and Keeping Control Of My Baby (my Business)

By the way, if your business is actually worth 15x your annual profits. What those money-bleeding Sillicone Valley tech giants are really worth? 


Saturday, March 6, 2021

What to Do If You Need Cash Quickly



Emergencies happen. Bills are due, but you don’t have sufficient funds in your account to cover them all. Unfortunately, failing to make a payment could negatively impact your credit score and result in you owing more thanks to late and various other fees

You can try calling your respective creditors or service providers to discuss your options. What if they’re not understanding, though? You need to know how to get money in your bank account, stat, or you might lose a necessity until you can pay up. 

If you’ve overdrawn your account but want to avoid the dangers of payday loans, here are a few legitimate ways to get quick cash: 

Use Financial Apps

Let’s say your internet bill is due during the second half of the month, but you don’t have the money to cover it because you need to prioritize rent, water, and other necessities. Even worse, your employer’s pay cycle delays when you receive your paycheck, so you probably won’t get paid for several more days. You can’t overdraw your account, but you also don’t want to find an internet cafĂ© whenever you need to get online. 

You could borrow money from a friend, but there’s an easier option: use an app. One great example is Earnin, a community-driven app that enables you to receive your money after you’ve earned it. It’s more than a quick money app because those funds are rightfully yours — you can get the $65 it will take to cover your internet bill, and Earnin deducts the amount from your paycheck after it comes in. It’s not your fault the pay cycle screwed you over, after all!

Sell Your Possessions 

This option isn’t fun, but you might decide it’s necessary if you’re in a tight enough spot. Selling your stuff has no upfront costs, and you get to keep 100% of the profits if you do 100% of the work. 

Host a yard sale or go to a pawn shop to see how much you can get for various items (preferably those you don’t need, such as clothes and unused electronics). You can also sell possessions on apps like Letgo, Decluttr, and Poshmark, which broaden the range of customers you have access to. Some of your items may also be rentable. 

Perform Odd Jobs 

If you don’t want to sell your stuff and have the time to squeeze it in, sell your labor and take up “gig” work. Common ideas include driving for rideshare services, delivering food, or house (and pet) sitting. One of the advantages of side-gig work is that you can do it on your own time, can choose what you participate in, and you can do it as often or as little as you’d like. 

Apps like TaskRabbit connect users to a wide range of opportunities in their local areas. Maybe someone needs help mounting a TV, assembling a piece of furniture, or cleaning their kitchen. Whatever you’re willing and able to do, performing odd jobs is a convenient way to earn quick money. 

Take Out a Credit Card Advance

Despite your current situation, is your credit in decent shape? You might be able to take out a credit card cash advance. You’ll have to pay a fee and interest (unless you pay off the balance by its due date), so be careful about putting yourself in further debt unless you know your financial predicament will improve in the near future. 

Request an Advance from Your Employer 

On a related note, consider asking your employer for an advance on your paycheck. You will receive your salary or wages early if your employer agrees and will pay it back through payroll deduction over the next pay period. The worst your employer can do is say “no,” so it never hurts to ask.

Apply for a Loan 

If you need a substantial amount of money that none of the options above will cover, then you may consider applying for a personal loan. Some lenders allow you to borrow within a day, but you’ll need good credit unless you want to be stuck with a staggeringly high interest rate. 

You can use a personal loan for something clever, though: consolidating debt. Between medical bills, utilities, rent or mortgage payments, student loans, and everything else, those are lots of obligations to keep track of and associated fees to pay. This piece of advice isn’t so much to get you quick money as it is to save you future headaches, but you can roll your debts into one and make a single, consistent monthly payment. 

It’s understandable if you find yourself facing difficult financial choices. You have more options than you may know, though, so consider your time, assets, debts, and other factors when you need cash quickly. 

This article originally appeared on Earnin.

Monday, February 1, 2021

How to Be a Billionaire Narco-Dictator / Como ser un Narco Dictador Mil Millonario


How to Be a Billionaire Narco-Dictator / Como ser un Narco Dictador Mil Millonario. A question that many people might ask. Who wouldn't want an illimited supply of Money and absolute Power over everything. You don't need to follow the law. You are the law. A gold throne, sex slaves and machine gun-armed soldiers to protect yourself from some very dangerous enemies.

Handmade colored pencils Artwork by PYGOD.