- Have at least a bank roll of $1000 to start (every rich person didn't get rich from not investing)
- Bet 5% of your bank roll ($1000) on 20 games (so you have played your whole bank roll on 20 different games
- On average, I have calculated in order to break even you need to win 54% of the games
- So imagine taking 20 games in a season of your favourite sport and only having to guess 54% of them correct, easy huh?
- Gain anything over 54% and you can make a profit
- Average percentage increase in bank roll each week is 7% from going over the 54% thresh hold
- Each week your bank roll increases by 7%
- Week 1= $1070 week 2= $1144 week 3= $1224 and so forth
- 7% may not sound like much but once your bank roll gets bigger, 7% increase becomes more noticeable
- Repeat this for a few months
- Include interest rates from saving which will further increase your bank roll
- Eventually you will reach a million

Don't spend any of your bank roll untill you reach a million or unless you get into extreme financial hardship. Spending your bank roll will slow down the process.

Never bet more than 5% of your bank roll on any 1 game.

Don't be greedy.

EDIT: The figures are averages that have been calculated by myself and various other betting bloggers and experts alike.