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 STEP: 1. Write Down What You You WANT. (For QLA: Be Bold. Be Unrealistic. Bodacious Desires. Over The Top Goals. Unconventional. Goals That Cannot Be Accomplished In Your Lifestime.) 

 STEP 2. Convert Your WANT LIST into a SPECIFIC GOALS List. 

 STEP 3. Convert Each Goal Into an AFFIRMATION: (Begin each Affirmation with the words "I AM." Add an Emotion Word to each Affirmation. Use Verbs ending in "ing". Use present tense.) 

STEP 4. At A Minimum, Say Your Affirmations first thing in the morning and then before you go to bed. Saying them 5x a day is better. Recording them and playing them on a loop while sleeping or working out is best. 

 AN EXAMPLE: I AM HAPPILY AND EASILY INCREASING MY NET WORTH $5 MILLION OR MORE PER MONTH, EVERY MONTH. (HAPPILY AND EASILY are the Emotion words. INCREASING put pressure on the subconscious to discover, create and/or see a solution. OR MORE allows for more ahead of time. /// AFFIRMATIONS done this way will increase your focus, destroy set backs, fear and procrastination, and create inspirational momentum from which you can use to your advatage for exponential growth and success. 


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Vladimir Putin is emotionless

It seem that emotions for men in the Russian culture are frowned upon. Furthermore, Vladimir Putin is professionally trained to be a stone-cold iceman.

Friday, August 14, 2020 (Marketing & SEO guideline articles) is a SMS Marketing website that came to my attention as having some very interesting articles on marketing and SEO.

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All very interesting articles offering useful guidelines as you will see. 

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Winning in Online Poker

Today poker is one of the most famous games in the world. The game of the poker is played over the internet by millions of players each day. Online poker started almost 20 years ago, and it seems like a gambling game for most. But, one that conveys a few misinterpretations to the inexperienced eye.

Some consider it to be a game of skill and luck, while actually it is the goal of expertise. The fact is, online poker is a game that requires various skills to be fruitful. You need to also remember that poker is 100% the game of skill in the long run.

However, there is a bigger element of luck in the short term. The expert poker players like the pro team of BeastsOfPoker mitigate the luck aspect by consistently making numerically superior decisions. This allows them to win in the long run. The present findings indicate that skills play a meaningful term and the relative importance of chance and skill considerably limit the role of the possibility of extant research.

Study the Game before Playing

Researching different poker sites before playing is essential if you want to win money. With regards to online poker, cash games are available to virtually anyone. As a result, players need to remember that all that they do at the virtual table passes on data. For example, how rapidly a player folds, put down a wager, or bets everything can pass on to their opposition how solid a player sees their hand to be.

Thus, players ought to be reliable with these activities to abstain from parting with any tells. That may be utilized against them. Much the same as a poker face is important at a live poker table. Playing sound poker online is craft that must be rehearsed over and over again if you want to win!

Research Poker Sites & Know Your Opponents

It is legal to make money on online poker tournaments and cash games as well. Always do your research on the websites to know their reputation. On the other hand, the brain science of poker must be used by players to gather data from their adversaries at every possible opportunity. Getting on unobtrusive tells, for example, how rapidly a player responds to occasions during a hand can be the distinction between knowing when a player has a solid hand and being caught off-guard by it.

It is also possible to utilize some online poker programs. Great examples of these softwares are Holdem Manager 3 and Poker Tracker 4. Writing notes of your opponents can be very valuable as you can better exploit their mistakes later. Players can utilize their data assortment abilities to give themselves an edge at the table. Less gifted players probably won't utilize this option enough.

Protect Your Bankroll

As it were, life resembles the poker game. The result is never unmistakable in any event when you utilize your aptitude to place yourself in the best situation to win. One of the most significant skills in both poker and life is to protect your assets. Much the same as poker expert expects players to set a financial plan. You should keep away from foolish spending. Instead, grow your bankroll slowly and steadily by playing poker.

Many players have gone broke in poker by betting everything they have in a single hand. Nothing is certain in poker, which makes this a foolish behaviour. Rather, living to battle one more day or putting down increasingly moderate wagers to stay in the game is what you should do. You can’t chase losses and expect the luck to always be in your favour. Having proper bankroll management rules is something that any effective player needs eventually build.

Final words

How much money can you can win in online poker? Sky is the limit when it comes to poker winnings. It’s a question of how good you become at the game. Texas Hold'em poker is a game of skill that has an object of chance. To become a winner against a professional poker player is similar to winning against the casino in Blackjack. In poker, this is much easier to do though.

In the past days, the gamblers had to meet up anywhere, mostly in the casino to gamble. But, today you can play poker online from the comfort of your home. Imagine if players of the past were able to do this without having to walk or going somewhere! If this sounds like a compelling idea for you, just get started in studying the game. Once you’re familiar with the rules, sign-up at one of the major poker sites. The poker journey awaits you!

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