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Monday, February 18, 2019

Habits Of Millionaires

Umair Ayub
Umair Ayub, Fullstack PHP/Python Engineer
1. Don’t buy a car unless you really need it
2. Never ever buy a new car, buy a used one, it will cost way less
3. Don’t buy expensive clothes or shoes just to show people that you are rich. You will stay broke just trying to pretend looking rich
4. Don’t save all your money in bank, its like burying your money in dust hoping it will grow, purchasing power of money is reduced over the time, its called inflation
5. Try to invest in stocks, or at least buy prize bonds
6. If you have money, buy land or even a house and rent it out
7. If you ever have to buy a house for yourself, buy a smaller one, it costs less to maintain
8. Don’t spend too much on the home you are living in, its not your asset, its your liability
9. Don’t think money does not bring happiness, you can buy clothes, shoes, cars, bike, house of your choice if you have money, if you don’t have money, you will spend your life just looking at other people’s things and getting jealous.
10. Surround yourself with the people of high mentality, people who think big
11. Dream big and start working on it, don’t believe in prayers, they don’t work unless you do
12. If you do not have a professional degree, don’t worry. Show me a billionaire who got successful by graduating
13. Working hard doesn’t means you will be successful, working hard in a RIGHT DIRECTION will make you successful
14. If you fail a few times, don’t think its over, ITS OVER WHEN YOU STOP TRYING
15. Don’t take people’s opinion too seriously, everyone talks to his caliber
15. You do not need to prove yourself everywhere that you are right
16. Develop a habit of thinking outside of box, if you keep following traditional ways to accomplish work, you will end up like most people do

Friday, August 31, 2018

Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way

Either Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way as seen on Billionaire Ted Turner Atlanta office. The phrase “lead, follow or get out of the way” has been used by many famous people such as General George S. Patton, former Chrysler executive Lee Iacocca, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Ted Turner himself.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cocaine & Money

Cocaine is God's way of telling you you are making too much money. - Robin Williams

How can you make too much Money?
Enough is never enough!

The Wolf of Wall Street: Most outrageous quotes

The Wolf of Wall Street movie quotes

Here are a couple of memorable quotes from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street aka Jordan Belfort acted by Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • "My Ferrari was white—like Don Johnson's in Miami Vice—not red"
  • "I’ve been a poor man, and I’ve been a rich man. And I choose rich every f*****g time."
  • "I take Quaaludes 10-15 times a day for my back pain. Adderall to stay focused. Xanax to take the edge off, part to mellow me out, cocaine to wake me back up again, and morphine...Well, because it's awesome"
  • "My name is Jordan Belfort, the year I turned 26, I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week" 
  • "“I had lots of nicknames: Gordon Gekko, Don Corleone, Kaiser Soze; they even called me the King. But my favourite was the Wolf of Wall Street"
  • "Money doesn't just buy you a better life, better food, better cars, better p***y – it also makes you a better person"
  • "Act as if! Act as if you're a wealthy man, rich already, and then you'll surely become rich" 

he Wolf of Wall Street aka Jordan Belfort acted by Leonardo DiCaprio

Money is the enabler of freedom

A Wall Street Playboys tweet that I needed to put in there.

People don't want money. They want *freedom* Just so happens... Money is the enabler of freedom