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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton websites debate

Here are some stats after the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton debate of yesterday. Their respective websites were pivotal point during the debate last night. So let's see who are their respective site visitors, not necessarily their supporters. 

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton websites debate

The websites in question:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Skinvertising tattooed Human billboard

20/20 Features's Famous Tattoos

The ex-king of guerilla marketing and advertising Golden Palace online casino was probably the first enterprise to buy off skin as permanent advertisement space. 

In my view, getting people sporting your logo, URL or name on their skin is a genuine marketing tool for the company and a tremendous ego boost for the owner.

PYGOD.COM tattoo is coming soon but I'm still waiting for you to get tattooed on your body.

Karolyn Smith forehead tattoo
This woman, Karolyn Smith, sold her forehead to for $10,000

First ever forehead tattoo
Karolyn Smith is the most popular Golden Palace tattoo. But "The Human Pincushion" was the first ever to have a permanent ad tattoo on his forehead.

Angel Brammer auctioned her ample 42GG breasts for ad space.  Golden Palace bought it for only £422 (US$681).
Angel Brammer auctioned her ample 42GG breasts for ad space. 
Golden Palace bought it for only £422 (US$681).

Since MONEY can buy EVERYTHING! Many people are now auctioning and selling their own skin for advertisement purpose.

Auctioning his skin for tattoo space

Porn URL on face formerly known as Billy Gibby AKA Billy the Billboard legally changed his name and became the ultimate human billboard to feed his kids.

human billboard face tattoos

porn sites URL tattooed on his face and neck

Billy Gibby porn websites face neck tattoos (Billy Gibby) has approximately 37 tattoos, most of them on his face.

Corporate logo tattoos on his head

Joe Tamargo website URl tattooed on his arms

Joe Tamargo, age 38, has 15 websites URL tattooed all over his body for a claimed $200,000.

GrownUpGeek Dotcom tattoo
A very fine logo done by a professional tattoo artist.

Here are a list of some of the skin-advertised websites with their working links. As you will see some of this sites are now-defunt.

Dot-com tattoo
Mark Greenlaw

Would you sell off chunk of your skin for Money?

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