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Monday, November 7, 2016

Are Capitalism, Objectivism, And Libertarianism Religions? Yes!: Greenspan And Ayn Rand Debunked

Reverend Ike is the green preacher

Reverend Ike loves you and your Money

Reverend Ike loves you and your Money.
And he wasn't ashame of it!
In fact, he was preaching it!

Reverend Ike was the first "Prosperity Preacher".
And yes, he exulted Prosperity.
Rev. Ike practiced what he preached.

And yes, his followers were invited to pay the tithe of 10% of their salary.

Why not?

Rev. Ike was a giver of hope, joy, faith and one hell of an entertainer.

Why should he lived in poverty while all great athletes and entertainers of this world lives in wealth and luxury?!?

Rev. Ike was THE Prosperity Gospel Green Preacher.

So he had to live it, so we can see it, so we can emulate it!

I know that his followers were proud of Rev. Ike wealth and $ucce$$.

rev ike rolls royce church theater palace
Rev Ike's rolls royce outside of his "fantabulous" church who was build inside a theater and looked like a palace.
As you can see, Rev. Ike loves the green color.

"Call me a green preacher instead. Because the only color of power in the American economy is green power."
-- Rev. Ike when asked about being a black preacher and black power

Rev Ike book is the Prosperity Gospel Bible
Rev Ike book Prosperity Gospel Bible

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Who is Rev. Ike?

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Reverend Ike books

Reverend Ike 16 rolls royces
"You Can't Lose with the Stuff I Use!"
-- Rev. Ike

Rev. Frederick Eikerenkoetter, better known to millions as Reverend Ike, “The Success and Prosperity Preacher,” has been Minister, Teacher, Motivator, Evangelist, Counselor, and Pastor to millions of people, for over 50 years. Preaching positive thinking more than anything else.

You better believe the man who own:
  • 16 Rolls Royces (a different color for everyday of the week and appointed in mink)
  • 6 mansions
  • Diamond rings on both hands
  • Fur coats
  • $1000 custom-made Italian suits
  • Hand-painted shirts
  • Gator shoes
  • His income was estimated to over $6 to $15 Million a year tax-exempt.

Unlike other preachers / televangelists. Reverend Ike...
  • Didn't pretended to be God, unlike Daddy Kane.
  • Didn't pretended to be divine.
  • Didn't pretended doing great things in the name of God.
  • Never talked about repenting.
  • Never ever spoke of sin.
  • Preached positivity as a way to acquire Health and Wealth.
  • Was really entertaining.

The late Rev. Ike certainly had the Power to make Money and he can give it to you by following his wisdoms.

Reverend Ike free book pdf
Rev. Ike book pdf

Rev Ike book is the Prosperity Gospel Bible
Rev Ike book Prosperity Gospel Bible

Health & Wealth


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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How you should treat your business

"This man (Vince McMahon) might as well be God, because he created all of this, and this, this, until my dying breath, until my dying breath, is my religion, my law, and my church." 
                               -- Triple H (Raw, January 25, 2016) 

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