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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Don King jacket

I'm self-employed, I'm a counter culture fan. 
I march to the beat of my own drum. 
And I look and dress accordingly

I like Metalhead kutte / battle jacket / battlevest / cut-off, outlaw biker vest with patches, homeless crust punk studded leather jacket, and Don King bling jacket.

The subject here is the Don King painted, studded, bedazzled denim jacket with his face painted on. Another interesting point about his famed denin jacket is that he also uses it as a promotional tool covering it with buttons of his favorite politicians of the moment, be it the Bush family, Barrack Obama and now Donald Trump... Who's next? Homer Simpson.

Don King formerly the Biggest and Richest Boxing Promoter for a couple of decades. Now in his 80's, Don King is maybe past his prime as a promoter but with all his platinum, diamonds, gold jewelry and wearing his personalized pimped jean jacket Don King still is the Most Flamboyant Promoter around here.

Without further ado... 
I give you...
Drum roll...
Don King kutte AKA Don King battle jacket.

Was Miley Cyrus denin jacket inspired by Don King?

Here's mine, the PYGOD kutte

The PYGOD kutte looks really plain next to Don King's jacket.
Maybe I need some rhinestones...

PYGOD DotCOM kutte battle jacket
My PYGOD DotCOM kutte battle jacket 
after my mom painted it!

Thank you Mom!

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How to make your Don King jacket
Hand Painted, Acrylic on Denim,
The next level

Monday, July 11, 2016

UFC = Greatest Investment Ever!

UFC was bought $2 Million and sold $4 Billion 16 years later

Is Dana White the greatest investor of all time?

Dana White and the Las Vegas casino magnates, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta bought the drowning UFC for $2 Million in 2000 and sold it 16 years later for a whopping $4 Billion to WME-IMG Group. 

$2,000,000 X 16 years = $4,000,000,000

2000fold return on inve$tment.

UFC President, genius businessman and promoter extraordinaire Dana White, who remains the man in charge, estimated net worth of $350 Million will most likely takes a jump up. Dana White deserves it! He created a 4 Billion dollars sport after buying only three letters: U.F.C.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vince McMahon promoter how to

Vince McMahon and Mr. McMahon same person, same way

Event Marketing / Promotion Guidelines

The following are from the on-screen character of Mr. McMahon (which, from sure source, is the same as the real-life off-screen Vince McMahon.)

Ruthless Aggression. Offered more money to buy-out the best wrestlers of rival wrestling promotions.  Singlehandlely destroyed the era of wrestling territories to built the WWE into a global wrestling monopoly. 

Marketing Savvy.  Just think about the yearly WrestleMania extravaganza.

Creative Genius.  Created several characters over the years in the WWF/WWE. 

Mind Manipulation.  Useful in any business negociation.  That's the reason why Mr. McMahon hate attourneys so much.  And that's the reason why Vince McMahon doesn't want a wrestler to bring his lawyer when he negociates a contract.

From the same sure source, Vince McMahon IS:
* Passion
* Focus
* Pay close attention to Details
* Tireless Workaholic. Work 40 hours a day.
* Always open to new ideas

Vince always got the last word on EVERYTHING.

"Doing what's best for business" is the only way to go in any business venture.  

NO EGO.  When it come to offering the fans what they really want.  Vince McMahon have no ego, sort of speak.  

Despite years of disputes and lambasting with Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino.  Vince was always willing to take them back into the WWE one way or the other.  

Despite the fact that post WCW debacle, Goldberg and Scott Steiner publicly stated that they will never work for the WWE and made distasteful remarks about the WWE product and Vince McMahon himself respectively.  Vince signed both of them.

Vince McMahon priority was and is to offer the fans what they really wants.

He was willing to give the Ultimate Warrior what he wanted for the show to goes on.  And he was willing to re-engage The Ultimate Warrior despite his unprofessional conduct and his uncooperative attitude.

And most of all, Vince McMahon signed his nemesis during the WWF vs. WCW rating war, Eric Bischoff.  The same who promise to run Vince McMahon out of business. 

More often than not, Vince McMahon was willing to put himself into humiliating and tasteless angles (getting his head shaved at WrestleMania, his feud against Steve Austin, Rikishi's stinkface, Kiss My Ass club...) and put his body on the line (starting his wrestler career at age 53, bleeding himself, cage match, street fight matches...) for the sake of a good storyline.

"I always do everything I do for WWF fans.”  -- Vince McMahon

If I can do it you can do it
Vince doesn't hesitate to put himself and his family (Linda, Shane and Stephanie) into various wrestling angle and in-ring action for the sake of offering a good show.  Vince risked injuries in the ring and bleeded himself.  Vince and his daughter Stephanie were on the receiving end of a Rikishi's stinkface (rubbing his 350-pound butt crack into their faces).  Linda McMahon being on the receiving end of a Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner.  And his son Shane McMahon performed some of the most fantastic daredevil aerial stunts ever seen in the pro wrestling world (Shane's dive onto the Big Show from high Titantron), gets suplexed through glass twice and take several chair shots.

An unlikely stunt for a billionaire son.

Stick to what you do best
But Vince McMahon should learn to stick to what he knows best.  You're the god of wrestling.  So stick to wrestling! 

"What I learned from the XFL experience is to be smarter the next time I take on the NFL."      -- Vince McMahon

Here are some of Vince McMahon failed business ventures...

- WBF (World Bodybuilding Federation)
- XFL (Xtreme Football League)
- WWF New York Restaurant
- WWE Niagara Falls merchandises store
- ICOPRO (Integrated Conditioning Program) weight training supplements
- WWE Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas that never opened

- Evil Knievel Grand Canyon Jump. A closed-circuit fiasco who forced him into personal bankruptcy.
- Cape Cod Buccaneers hockey team.  Also promoting concerts at his Cape Cod Colliseum
- Boxing match promotion
- Two music companies??
- Shane Productions.  His first movie production company.
- WWE Fan Nation/Universe online social network
- not to forget Linda McMahon's two Senate runs in Connecticut

"I'm not afraid of failure. I'm not afraid to fail. I hate failure, I love to succeed. But I wouldn't say I'm afraid of it." 
                               - Vincent K. McMahon
“I’m not afraid of failure. I’m not afraid to fail. I hate failure, I love to succeed. But I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of it,” – Vincent K. McMahon

“I’m not afraid of failure. I’m not afraid to fail. I hate failure, I love to succeed. But I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of it,” – Vincent K. McMahon

“I’m not afraid of failure. I’m not afraid to fail. I hate failure, I love to succeed. But I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of it,” – Vincent K. McMahon


Vince McMahon should stick to Sports Entertainment.  Just like any of us should specialize in one domain and stick to it.  Don't become  a jack of all trades, master of none.

But who the fuck I am to criticize the god of wrestling? 

Article written by me, PYGOD, and originally published in my Combat / Strength sports blog
Article link:

Thursday, February 28, 2013


P.T. Barnum
When I talk about becoming a promoter here, I talk about promoting your business.  No matter what your business is Promotion is a vital part of any business.  Which better way to learn than by studying the greatest promoters of all time.

Dana White ranks the best promoters of all time (P.T. Barnum, Vince McMahon, Don King, Bob Arum, him last), and give a special place to Mama Kardashian / Kris Jenner.

“That’s a tough one, man. I think if you look at the fact that people still know who the (expletive) PT Barnum is, you’d have to go with PT Barnum as No. 1. Um, I’d probably put Vince No. 2. Vince and Don are both up there in age. Vince is still in there, (expletive) doing his thing, cutting huge major deals. I would put Don King No. 3. Who else did you have? You’d have to put Arum in there, too. You have to put Arum in there. And if I had to be on there, I’d put me last.”

"I have no idea. I don't think I'd be someone who would make that decision. I think there are a lot of great promoters. People know who Barnum is, Vince McMahon has been around a long time. Don King. Mama Kardashian, if she isn't the greatest promoter of all time, I don't know who is. The show is about nothing and her daughters are some of the most famous people on earth and are making millions. I don't think you could count her out. I'm very proud of what we've been able to do and we've done things that people have never done before, things even boxing couldn't do in its heyday. I don't think about who's the greatest promoter of all time."

Vince McMahon and P.T. Barnum lived a century apart, but have tremendous similarities in their desire to dazzle the public with a mix of reality and fantasy. Both showmen have sought to provide "bigger than life" attractions, which have been effective in very different eras.

Key traits of P.T. Barnum, the successful entrepreneur:
1. Started with no financial advantage or backing.

2. Major risk taker.

3. Dreamed big dreams.

4. Understood his audience.

5. Willing to ignore the truth; created his own "truths".

6. Hustler

7. Generated excitement

8. Self promoting

9. Master of promotion; able to get audiences to suspend disbelief.

10. Presented attractions "bigger than life" (George Washington’s "nurse," Jumbo the Elephant, Jenny Lind, etc.)

Key traits of Vince McMahon, the successful entrepreneur:

  1. Started with no financial advantage, but did have a "foot in the door" with his father’s business.
2. Visionary.

3. A big risk-taker, who achieved big rewards as a result.

4. Amazing passion for the business; it is his life.

5. Willing to work non-stop to succeed.

6. Creative genius.

7. Understands his audience and delivers.

8. Brutal competitor.

9. Doesn’t just "think big" – thinks huge!

10. Seen by some as ruthless; by many as relentless.


-- both built businesses that impacted the entertainment industry in ways no one expected.

-- both active participants "in the spotlight" in worlds that they created; both spent time at the microphone.

-- "bigger is better" -- Jumbo the Elephant for Barnum; Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant for McMahon.

-- both mixed reality with fantasy.

-- both risk takers.

-- both brought creativity, innovation to entertainment.

-- both pioneers in their achievements.

-- both used "shock value" to capture an audience.

-- both wanted to "wow" people.

-- both controlled their show’s content.

-- both appealed to violent nature and lurid curiosity.

-- both used Madison Square Garden as a key venue for their shows.

-- both supported hospitals and charitable causes: McMahon supporting Make-a-Wish; Barnum the first president of Bridgeport Hospital in CT.

 -- Barnum was a loner; Vince brought his family in.

-- PT took a bizarre and scary approach to entertain; Vince did it with more glitz and power.

-- Barnum performed himself aggressively on the lecture circuit: museums, ten gatherings, theaters, private homes. Vince became a central character on his weekly TV shows, as the WWE owner Mr. McMahon. 

-- Barnum was a politician: he held offices as Republican representative for Fairfield, CT, as well as Mayor of Bridgeport. To date, Vince McMahon has not shown a desire to run for office, although his wife Linda has.


UFC fans don't want to hear this, but Vince McMahon is clearly Dana White's business role model. The WWE has built its business on the following:
  • Use of free cable TV programming to reach fans and promote Pay Per Views
  • PPV as the big revenue driver
  • Aggressive international expansion
  • Ruthlessly compete against domestic competitors and buy any that are too big to crush
  • Use the brand and the company executives as the front man of the company to prevent any single fighter/performer from getting too big.
The UFC has built its business on those five pillars.


Vince McMahon
Pro Wrestling / WWE

Don King

Bob Arum

Dana White

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