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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gambler with breast implants

The Man with the $100,000 Breast Implants!

Brian Zembric, The Man With The $100,000 Breast Implants

Brian Zembric AKA Wiz is a professional gambler (high-stakes backgammon and blackjack) and magician who became famous as a man who will gamble on ANYTHING! Anything like living in a bathroom for a week in exchange of $14,000 and getting female 38C breast implants that he had to keep for one year in exchange of a cool US$100,000 deposit into a Swiss bank account. 

Brian Zembric took so much pleasure in wearing his woman's boobs that he kept them for the next 20 years. Zembric stated that he became a chick magnet thanks to his unusual physical attributes.

The following book 'The Man With The $100,000 Breasts' is full of other very unusual, unbelievable but very real gambling stories.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MONEY MANAGEMENT in Gambling and Investing

The most important in Gambling and Investing is Money Management, otherwise said 'How you manage your Bankroll.'

Proctecting your capital.

Bankroll: Money 

No Bankroll = no Money
No Money = no opportunities to make Money

Since you should never "play" with Money.

The 5% Money Management Rule

Gamble no more than 5% of your Bankroll.

I can make 20 Bets with my personnal Bankroll.
It isn't dramatic if I lose a few bets in a row.
I have the same philosophy for investing in the stock market.

In the long-run, 
Discipline is better than good picking.
Since you can't always pick the winner.

Nothing is 100% safe.
Nothing is 100% sure.
Not even fixed fights and inside trading.

Everything is possible!

So you should NEVER dedicate more than 5% of your Bankroll / Capital on a single bet, investment or poker game.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Amarillo Slim’s Top Ten Keys to Poker Success

Amarillo Slim’s Top Ten Keys to Poker Success
1. Play the players more than you play the cards.
2. Choose the right opponents. If you don’t see a sucker at the table, you’re it.
3. Never play with money you can’t afford to lose.
4. Be tight and aggressive; don’t play many hands, but when you do, be prepared to move in.
5. Always be observing at a poker game. The minute you’re there, you’re working.
6. Watch the other players for "tells" before you look at your own cards.
7. Diversify your play so other players can’t pick up tells on you.
8. Choose your speed based on the direction of the game. Play slow in a fast game and fast in a slow game
9. Be able to quit a loser, and for goodness sake, keep playing when you’re winning.
10. Conduct yourself honorably so you’re always invited back.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Greatest Golf Hustlers

Greatest Golf Hustlers
They never wanted to turn pro because there were a lot more money to be made as an hustler.

The one and only Titanic Thompson, the great one.  One of the greatest all-around gamblers of all time.  Not only a poker champion, also a proposition gambler and a fearsome golf hustler.

2- Amarillo Slim
Another poker champion and a gifted natural athlete which helped him achieves success in all kind of proposition bets.  He once beat legendary pool player Minnesota Fats at pool, using a broomstick.  And defeated tennis champ and famous gambler Bobby Riggs at Ping Pong, using a frying pan.

3- Bobby Riggs
Mostly known as a tennis champion and gambler.  Bobby Riggs was also a great golf hustler.  The most famous tennis hustler ever!  Searching for fresh victim on the tennis court and golf course.  He would regularly handicap himself.  Like playing tennis with a frying pan instead of a racket.  And playing golf with a single club for the entire game.  Whatever the handicap, Riggs was usually the winner.

4- Jeanne Carmen
A B-movie blonde babe of the 50s, a trick shot master, and the best female golf hustler ever known.

Plus the countless number of golf hustlers who want to stay anonymous for business sake.

If you wanna be a professional golf gambler.  The best sportsbook around is Betfair.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bill Benter

Bill Benter
Bill Benter is one of the most successful horse punter ever.  Bill Benter is said to take home $37 000 000 a year via a computer horse punting program.  In this miracle computer software, each horse are rated on 120 different handicapping factors.  Then after, the winning probabilities are estimated and the appropriate amount to bet is calculated.  The amount to bet must be specific since a bet too big can considerably drop the odds, which will drop the potential profit.

For doing this, Bill Benter first earned a University physics degree.  Then he became a professional gambler for the next 25 years or so.  He started his gambling career playing blackjack in Las Vegas for seven years before being banned from all casinos since he was too good.  Then, he hooked up with fellow card counter Alan Woods and the two became horse racing punter/handicapper in Hong Kong, China.

Many see him as the most successful sports bettor in the world. 

 If you wanna be a horse punter too, the best ever place to bet is at Betfair

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mickey Appleman

Mickey Appleman
Mickey Appleman unique look...  Yes, this is his real hair!
Mickey Appleman is a 66 years old pro gambler, poker player, sports bettors and handicapper.   Some of his biggest bets are betting $900,000 on the Carter/Reagan election, $300,000 on Larry Holmes against Muhammad Ali, $500,000 on a football game between Louisville and Memphis State.