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Friday, April 15, 2016

Billionaire Romance

I didn't know that a genre of novels aiming at a female audience was called Billionaire Romance!?! 

The popular genre is described as: Best falling in love with a millionaire/billionaire/king/wealthy man/CEO.

Hey women! Don't tell us anymore that Money didn't matter.

However the book cover didn't show us the real thing. The Billionaire is always portrayed by an often bare chested muscular hunk. Instead of showing us the reality. The typical Billionaire is either a fat 70 years old man with bad hair (AKA Donald Trump) or an ill-dressed aging nerd with thick glasses (AKA Bill Gates).

The Fantasy
The harsh reality

Billionaire Romance? I don't see any pretty boy here!
From left to right: Carlos Slim ($50 Billion), Bill Gates ($75 Billion), and Donald Trump ($4.5 Billion).