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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hedge fund manager $100 Million bank account

David Tepper $100 Million atm receips
David Tepper $100 Million atm receips

Hedge fund manager extraordinaire David Tepper left behind him a receipt indicating an available balance of $99,864,731.94 after using an ATM machine to withdraw $400.

With such an amount of Money sleeping at 0.5% a year, maybe David Tepper doubts his own abilities as a Money-maker. 

As a multi-Billion dollars hedge fund manager, David Tepper should put his Money were his mouth is.


Net worth of Warren Buffett by age graph

Friday, August 5, 2016

Warren Buffett: a monkey is a better investor than Trump

A dart-throwing monkey is a better investor than Donald Trump.

Is Warren Buffett correct in stating that a monkey is a better investor than Trump? Buffett puts money on monkey to outperform Trump as an investor “A monkey throwing darts to pick stocks would have made a 150% profit during the decade-long run when Donald Trump’s namesake company, Trump Entertainment Resorts, lost 90 cents on the dollar, the billionaire Warren Buffett stated”

Buffett: “That was the only time Donald Trump went to the American people and said, ‘I’m a winner, invest in my company.’ … Over the next 10 years, the company loses money every year, every single year. He takes $44 million in compensation. If a monkey had thrown a dart at the stock page it would have made 150%. People who believe in [Trump] came away losing well over 90 cents on the dollar. They got back less than a dime.” 

Considering that Trump’s public company was formed in 1995, when the stock market was still on a tear, this seems to be a fair assessment. Even with the “dot com crash,” a random selection of stocks would have been a better investment. 

Buffett is perhaps too charitable. From 1995 to year’s end 2004, the S&P 500 did gain a 157% return. But if our brave monkey turned on dividend reinvestments and sported a return close to the S&P 500, then there would have been a 203% return (calculator). 

(Here’s another source on Trump’s company: As its stock collapsed, Trump’s firm gave him huge bonuses and paid for his jet.)


Monday, July 11, 2016

UFC = Greatest Investment Ever!

UFC was bought $2 Million and sold $4 Billion 16 years later

Is Dana White the greatest investor of all time?

Dana White and the Las Vegas casino magnates, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta bought the drowning UFC for $2 Million in 2000 and sold it 16 years later for a whopping $4 Billion to WME-IMG Group. 

$2,000,000 X 16 years = $4,000,000,000

2000fold return on inve$tment.

UFC President, genius businessman and promoter extraordinaire Dana White, who remains the man in charge, estimated net worth of $350 Million will most likely takes a jump up. Dana White deserves it! He created a 4 Billion dollars sport after buying only three letters: U.F.C.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Jesse Livermore

Jesse Livermore
Stock Operator Extraordinaire

Born in 1877 and died in 1940, Jesse Livermore is the greatest trader / speculator who ever lived.  At his peak in 1929, Jesse Livermore was worth more than $100 millions.  He would have been richer than Bill Gates in today's money.  An unseen feat for a self-taugh / self-made stock and commodities trader who ONLY TRADED HIS OWN MONEY, not Other People Money like today investment's superstars who heads investment banks and hedge funds..  With Bernard Baruch, he was one of the original trend followers.

Loner, individualist, suffering from severe episodes of depression, probably bipolar disorders who eventually took his life, Jesse Livermore made and lost four colossal fortunes during his lifetime.  Make two of his fortunes during stock market crashes periods, in 1907 and 1929, short-selling stocks.  Which earned him $3 millions in 1907 and $100 millions in 1929.  While everyone was losing their shirt, the astute Jesse Livermore was on top of the world!

Unlike the miser Warren Buffett, Livermore was living the life.  At his peak, he owned a series of mansions in several countries, each fully staffed with about 20 or 25 servants year-round, a fleet of limousines and several Rolls Royce cars (my favorites), lot of chauffeurs, yatchs, and regularly threw lavish parties.

The second best book you can get! 

Jesse Livermore also had a ticker tape in every home that he owned, on his railway cars, on his yachts.

Jesse Livermore the womanizer
His affinity for hot gals cost him a lot of money.

The favorite book of Jesse Livermore 
and Bernard Baruch, another legendary trader.

Another one of Livermore's favorite book.

The 3 things that made him an extraordinary trader

- His love of numbers
- Determination to educate himself 
- Being a keen observer.

Now, here are some investment wisdoms from Jesse Livermore. 

- Emotional control (crucial and vital for any trader and gambler)
- Knowledge of economics and fondamentals
- Trade with the trends (Buy in a bull market and short in a bear market)
- Don't trade when there is no clear opportunities.
- Patience.  Let your profits run.
- Trade the leading stocks in each sector.
- Don't average down a losing position.
- Add to winning positions.
And in my view, the most important...
- Experience.  Learn from your mistakes.

"Wall Street never changes, the pockets change, the suckers change, the stocks change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes."  - Jesse Livermore

"Successful traders always follow the line of least resistance. Follow the trend. The trend is your friend." - Jesse Livermore

"It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting." - Jesse Livermore


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Investor, Speculator, Gambler

Investor, Speculator, Gambler, Trader, Arbitrageur, Scalper, Fund Manager,

Let's see the definitions.
As defined by Wikipedia.
- An investor is a party that makes an investment into one or more categories of assets --- equity, debt securities, real estate, currency, commodity, derivatives such as put and call options, etc. --- with the objective of making a profit.

- In finance, speculation is a financial action that does not promise safety of the initial investment along with the return on the principal sum.

- Gambling is the wagering of money or something of material value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods.

- In finance, a trader is someone who buys and sells financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and derivatives.  (A day trader is a trader who buys and sells financial instruments (e.g. stocks, options, futures, derivatives, currencies) within the same trading day such that all positions will usually be closed before the market close of the trading day.)