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Friday, September 23, 2016

Millionaire Bloggers

Millionaire Bloggers, yes they do exist and there are many, made their Money from:
  • Affiliate sales
  • Brand collaborations
  • Their own collections
  • Appearance fees

Millionaire blogger Linda Ikeji
Millionaire blogger Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji make Million$$$ a year solely by writing and posting 
on her free-hosting blogger blogspot blog.

I know and you know that there is a lot of gimmicks, bulls*** artists and scammers all over the web. But here are a list of some legit self-made real-life Millionaires and Multi-Millionaire Bloggers...
  1. Linda Ikeji (
  2. Tina Brown (The Daily Beast)
  3. Gina Marie Trapani (Lifehacker)
  4. Pete Cashmore (Mashable)
  5. Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post)
  6. Mario Lavandeira (Perez Hilton)
  7. Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)
  8. (MMA Junkie)
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vaynerchuk)
  10. Nick Denton (formerly Gawker)
  11. Pete Rojas (Engadget)
  12. Ben Huh (Fail Blog Cheezburger)
  13. Kevin P Ryan (Business Insider)
  14. Jeremy Shoemaker (Shoe Money)
  15. Timothy Sykes (Timothy Sykes)
  16. Sven Lennartz & Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine)
  17. John Chow (John Chow)
  18. Pat Flynn (Past Passive Income)
  19. Alex Becker (Source Wave)
  20. Collis Ta'eed (TutsPlus)

Multimillionaire fashion bloggers
  1. Rachel Parcell (Pink Peonies)
  2. Aimee Song (Song of Style)
  3. Chiara Ferragni (The Blond Salad)
  4. Leandra Medine (Man Repeller)
  5. Emily Weiss (Into The Gloss)
  6. Chriselle Lim (The Chriselle Factor)
  7. Kristina Bazan
  8. Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What)
  9. Tina Craig (Bag Snob)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Billionaire Blogger Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji net worth N3.2 Billion

If Jesse Livermore is my trading / investing role model / mentor. Linda Ikeji is my blogging inspiration. Not only very beautiful and classy, Linda Ikeji is the first ever Blogging Billionaire.

Linda Ikeji > Blogger extraordinaire, my internet entrepreneurship role model and a very beautiful woman.

Linda Ikeji made 100% of her wealth through blogging. Just blogging.

Linda Ikeji's blog worth about $10 Million.

As of today (September 7, 2016), Linda Ikeji makes approximately N50 million a month from sponsored posts, custom ads, Google ads, top banners and site takeovers.
Which mean she collects a minimum of USD$158,604.50 each month "just blogging". I mean a minimum, because right now the Nigerian Naira (NGN) is at its lowest. 

By 2013, her blog ( averaged between 50,000 to 150,000 daily visits from various countries.
Now she has 500,000 daily pageviews.

Here is her Alexa rank (a reputable ranking system of all websites on the www (world wide web).

Alexa Traffic Rank
Traffic Rank in NG
Sites Linking In

Imagine this, her blog is the 2,130th most popular website on the hundreds of millions of websites and blogs on the web!!! You get the picture!

secrets to Wealth and Success


Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006 but only started making Money in 2012
As the old saying says: "With patience nothing is impossible."

Interest over time. Web Search. Worldwide, 2004 - present


Linda Ikeji does nothing but blog from 4am till midnight.
What I realized while searching informations about blogger extraordinaire 
Linda Ikeji is that you never work enough.
Linda Ikeji is a 24-7 business. 
She updates her blog with at least 10 to 20 posts EVERY DAY
And this is from an old source. 
Today (Wednesday, September 7, 2016) she have posted 

Work! Work! Work! You never work enough! 
And you are never productive enough!!

LINDA IKEJI on the World Wide Web

officiallindaikeji: No dream is too big! No dream is too small! And you’re entitled to it! #Believeinyou! (1.24 Million followers)

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