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Monday, November 3, 2014

Perfect Heads-Up Limit Hold' Em Strategy part 1


The best way to find the Perfect Heads-Up Fixed Limit Hold' Em Strategy is to study the strategies used by the great ones.  For me the greats in HULHE are two humans plus two machines.  My two human players are Phil Ivey and Andy Beal.  My two poker bots are Polaris and Texas Hold ‘Em Heads Up Poker.  I will try to enter the brain of those four world-class experts to find and analyze their winning strategies.

Phil Ivey's HUHU FL HE strategy:

Step 1. Raise pre-flop in position

Raise pre-flop in the big blind with (1:1)
Ax, Kx, Q3s, Q6, J8, T7s, T9, 98s, 33+
Step 2. Continuation bet on the flop and turn 100% of the time
Step 3. Leaving after losing one buy-in

Keep playing when winning

Why is Phil Ivey so good?
a) hyper aggressive
b) incredible focus and concentration
c) uncanny ability to detect and exploit opponents's weaknesses and betting patterns
d) zero tilt factor
e) intimidating and fearsome reputation
f) unlimited bankroll

Andy Beal High Stakes Heads-Up Limit Hold' Em strategy
Step 1. Play nearly every hands
Raise (most of the time) every pot he enters
Step 2. Check-call all the way down to the river with any A-high hand
8-bets the turn with two pair
Step 3. Obsession with preventing tells

Why is Andy Beal so good?
a) Obsession
b) Specialization
c) Mathematical approach
d) High stakes
e) Ultra-aggressive
f) Impossible to read

Andy Beal in Rounders 2

Billionaire banker Andy Beal in Rounders 2?

Speaking of Matt Damon.  He was excellent in Team America!  Seriously, if they were to make a rounders 2, I think the climactic scene would be Matt building up enough bankroll to sit in the big game with the likes of Doyle, Greenstein, Negreanu, Ivey, etc.  If he were to have a heads up battle for the finale, it would have to be against someone who can look the bad guy.  I mean Negreanu would be intimidating, but he's too likable.  Maybe, Ivey since he's quiet and stone cold.  Ohhh even better (just got so many ideas flying here). 

How about Andy Beal or an Andy beal type to play heads up.   They would have to change some facts though but I can hear Mike McDermont in the background saying something like this.  "Sure, I'm a winning Poker player.  I've won some big tournies and done well at the cash games, but there's one game and one man that I haven't beaten.  His name is Andy Beal, a billionare banker from Texas.  He came to vegas ten years ago to try to beat the pros.  His idea was to set the limits so high that he could intimidate the pros and win.  Unfortunately for Andy the pros or the corporation were not intimidated and took millions from him.  Andy, though stating several times he was done with poker, was relentless.  He read books, studied the game, set up a staff to run numbers, calculate odds, and help his play.  Andy is very analytical and dedicated. He built his fortune from nothing.  He was determined to be the best and after years of refining his skills at High Limit Texas Hold em' he became just that.  He came to Vegas a couple of years ago and cleaned the pros out. It's rumored that he took 50 million from the corporation. Some say a hundred million.  A few pros were completely broke after this.  People say Beal completely dominated anyone they sat in front of him.  His style was untouchable and his skill was overwhelming.  Andy will only play $150k/$300k Limit Holdem.  Needless to say, no pro will play him.  Well, no pro until now.  I'm lucky enough to have backers that believe in me.  I'm about to play in the richest poker game that's ever been played.  Where millions of dollars swing back and forth from one hand to the next.  Six days, sixty hours.  By Friday, I will have lost everything, completely broke or...  I will be the richest pro to ever play the game.  This man is said to be unbeatable, even by the best to ever play the game.  Am I committing financial suicide, or am I what I truly feel I am... the best" or something like that...heh

Very interesting story posted 26 February 2006 by Fanatikk on the fullcontactpoker forum.  With a scenario like that, Rounders 2 would be even better than the original Rounders.

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