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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rothschild worst investor ever

The name Rothschild has always been closely associated with Wealth, Money, Power, Gold and all kind of insane conspiracy theories. However in recent years, it seem that one of the last members of the Rothschild Dynasty has a lot of trouble keeping his part of the Rothschild Family immense wealth.

Nathaniel Nat Rothschild losing 94% of his fortune over the last 15 years

His name is Nathaniel 'Nat' Rothschild, born in 1971. He is an hedge fund manager and scion of the mythical Rothschild International Banking Dynasty

Nat Rothschild was falsely hyped as the richest Rothschild of them all. In reality, Nat Rothschild is far from being the richest of them all. Seeing his investment track record over the years, one can only say that he is the worst investor of them all.

Here is some estimations of Nathaniel Rothschild disappearing Wealth over the years.

  • Sunday Times Rich List 2011 $1.6 billion (estimate)
  • Forbes listed his wealth in 2012 at $1.0 billion.
  • Sunday Times Rich List 2016 $100 million (estimate)

94% loss of net worth over the years!!!

With such a weak track record, it seem that Nat Rothschild hasn't inherited his family's Midas touch and certainly doesn't live up to his prestigious family name.

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