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Monday, July 13, 2020

Top 5 Richest Casino Companies Owners In The World

The casino's history of expansion has really expanded and started from the beginning of 1994, in the eastern Caribbean island states of Antigua and Barbuda. After many years of development, the turnover of the casino industry has also been increasing rapidly. Millions of people around the world have considered this an indispensable entertainment, especially within the upper class.
This article will introduce you to the 5 richest casino companies owners in the world.

1. Sheldon Adelson

The proliferation of casinos in Macao has helped Las Vegas Sand owner Sheldon Adelson make a fortune through Venetian Macau. In addition, the share price of the corporation he owned also increased by more than half in the past year.

2. Lui Che Woo

Galaxy Entertainment Group's share price has increased significantly, helping the total assets of billionaire Lui Che Woo reach over $21 billion. He was also recognized by Forbes magazine as the 2nd richest person in Hong Kong after Li Ka-Shing with $32 billion. Billionaire Lui once said that she would leave all her fortune to her son, Francis.

3. Pansy Ho

According to the latest statistics of Forbes magazine, Pansy Ho is the 9th richest female billionaire in Hong Kong and the richest casino boss in the world. Most of her assets come from Chinese casino group MGM and a large stake in the MGM hotel and resort chain.

4. James Packer

In addition to being the owner of the famous Crown casino in Australia, billionaire James Packer also has a large stake in the Melco Crown casino venture in Macao.

5. Kunio Busujima

Kunio Busujima, the fifth richest billionaire in Japan, voted by Forbes, currently runs Daichi Sankyo, the gaming console maker. The shares of this company also recorded a significant increase to more than half in the past year.

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