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Monday, September 19, 2016

Make Money online / Become a Billionaire blogger

The two most wanted and searched things on the web.
How to Make MONEY online
And the ultimate dream...
How to Become a Billionaire Blogger.

Here, with my endless search on the web, I've found two very inspirational posts on the subject written by two dedicated bloggers.

Here below you will find what the BILLIONAIRE GAMBLER™
 is all about. 
Inspiration, Motivation and Informations. Fast food for thought. 

How to Become the First Billionaire Blogger

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rich Jerk (Get-Rich-Quick online)


Another one of a kind get-rich-quick program peddler...

His 5 RULES are true! (you can see it at 5:00)

What’s In The Rich Jerk Course Package?

The course comes in 4 sections:

Section 1: Ninja SEO Training 

For the life of me I cannot understand what’s with all this Ninja crap. Can’t they just call it SEO training? Or maybe you get a Black Belt and a Ninja Star at the end of the course.

a look at the rich jerk members page
The Rich Jerk Membership Area For Losers!

Anyways, the training comes with 5 PDF files and 5 videos 
  • Niche Research
  • How to Find Profitable Affiliate Offers
  • Build A Website
  • Content Silo Method
  • List Building
In addition, you’ll get a Case Study about Keyword Ranking.

Section 2: Facebook Marketing

This section is done by a successful Facebook Marketer. In this Case Study they cover everything you need to know how to make money with Facebook marketing strategies. They summarize it with a 2 hour video that shows the whole process.

Section 3: Launch Jacking

This is a very interesting topic and, to be honest, can be a real money maker IF you know how to do it correctly. What exactly is it? Here is a definition:
Launch Jacking is the art of successfully riding on the momentum of product launches. Why this is such a powerful strategy is whenever a new product launches there is typically a lot of buzz, meaning lots of people searching for that particular item (source:
This is a very extensive section that includes a total of 17 modules (PDF and Video) and covers EVERYTHING about Launch Jacking. They teach you from getting the right domain, to how to use WordPress, picking products, creating or outsourcing content, and link building. All-in-all a complete package as far as I can tell from the content list.

Section 4: A Little Bit Of Some Other Stuff

This looks like a “throw-some-other-stuff-in” bonus to make the package look bigger. Don’t get me wrong; I am not beating this section down. It contains some videos and ebooks from other successful folks showing what and how they did to make good money.