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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tobey Maguire > Dan Bilzerian in High Stakes Underground Poker Games

Who is the King of the Ultra High Stakes Underground Poker Games with a strict 'no pro' policy?

Tobey Maguire
Nit + psychological warfare
$30-40 Millions in 3 years
Buy-in of up to $100,000
"approaches the elite level of the players who win bracelets at the World Series." 
2007 World Series of Poker Main Event 
(292nd place, won $39,445) 


Dan Bilzerian
LAG + adrenaline seaker
$50 Million in 2014
Buy-ins $1 Millions, as high as $5 Millions.
As big as $5,000/$10,000 No Limit. The biggest was $10,000/$25,000 No Limit
"I am not nearly as good as all these online guys. I am not even close to one of the best players... But it’s like a minor league baseball player going against a bunch of high school guys."
2009 World Series of Poker Main Event 
80th place, won $36,626)

Now let's compare our two High-Stakes Underground Poker contenders for the crown of the King of the Ultra High Stakes Underground Poker Games.


“Tobey Maguire was the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser.”
- Molly Bloom 

  • Born June 27, 1975 in Santa Monica, California.
  • Occupation: Hollywood A-List actor
  • Net worth: $40-50 Million
  • Famous for: Spiderman
  • Started tournament poker in 2004.
  • Been tutored by one of the best poker pros in the world Daniel Negreanu.
  • Finished in the money in several events.
  • Can be seen on ESPN's coverage of the 2005, 2006, and 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event Championship.
  • Played in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event. He survived days 1a, 2a, and 3 but was eliminated in 292nd place on the fourth day, taking $39,445 in prize money.
  • During a 2007 episode of Poker After Dark, Phil Hellmuth said Tobey has made millions of dollars by playing poker in Hollywood poker games, with some estimates as high as $10 million

'I used to call Tobey "Hannibal Lecter" because he could just talk someone off of a good hand,'  Molly Bloom told 20/20.

The poker playing of A-Lister actor Tobey Maguire (Spiderman) has been described as: 

"He’s in a different league from other actors who can play some cards. While often mentioned in the same breath with other excellent playing actors like Jennifer Tilly and Ben Affleck, according to one of the sources, Mr. Maguire plays at a level that far surpasses “good for an actor” and approaches the elite level of the players who win bracelets at the World Series." reported that Maguire had been winning around $1 million every month for three years in these games. They then estimated that Maguire may have won anywhere from $30 to $40 million playing high stakes poker. And while this number is completely unverifiable, assuming it was accurate, the Spiderman actor could possibly be the biggest poker winner of all-time!

Molly Bloom who organized high stakes underground poker games for the rich and famous described Tobey Maguire as the best player, a sore loser and the worse tipper. There is nothing worse than a good loser! A good loser is usually just a loser. Winning is everything. Particularly in Poker.

Molly Bloom also used to call him "Hannibal Lecter" because he could just talk someone off of a good hand.

His contender, the outspoken Dan Bilzerian called him a "nit", a "jerk-off", and "cheap"He ousted Tobey Maguire for slow play, claiming “he was taking forever in a real big game, he took 15 minutes to chop a little pot”. His bold remarks about the former Superman star continued, “The guy is supposed to be worth $40 or $50 million and he’s quivering over $4,000. It was annoying, he was cheap”.  “He’s cheap as fuck and plays like a cheap bitch – a guy who’s worth all that money playing as if he’s broke. Come on, dude." I personally admire Maguire's obvious and lucrative nittiness. No matter the size of the pot, just like Maguire did, you should always play to win. And that's the only thing you should be thinking about: WINNING!

Tobey Maguire is known to frequently leaves a game after winning an enormous pot which is a breach of poker etiquette. But who give a fuck about poker etiquette. Poker is all about WINNING the most MONEY you can.


Dan Bilzerian

  • Born December 7, 1980, Tampa, Florida.
  • Occupation: Trust fund baby, semi-professional poker player, internet celebrity.
  • Net worth: $100 Million
  • Famous for: Millionaire Playboy lifestyle
  • Goes broke in college playing online poker.
  • Once turned $750 into $10,000 in one event, as he claimed.
  • Playing for a living since 2007
  • Played in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. For which he appeared of six episodes of televised show. He finished in 180th place and won $36,626.
  • By September 2014, he claimed that he earned $50 Million in the last 12 to 14 months playing in High Stakes Private Poker Games.
  • Claimed that he once lost a coin-flip for about $2,3 million pile of chips.
  • Said he won $10.8 Million playing cards one night at $5,000-$10,000 no-limit

The poker skills of Dan Bilzerian has been self-described by Dan Bilzerian himself as:

The best way to describe my poker skills is that I’m not the best poker player in the world. But it’s like a minor league baseball player going against a bunch of high school guys.
I mean; I am alright. I am not nearly as good as all these online guys. I play in private games with business guys and celebrities. They are playing for fun. I don’t play with pros. I am not even close to one of the best players.

He’s one of the biggest cash game players in the world. His games are so big that Bilzerian avoids tournaments all together. I’ve been playing such high stakes lately that a lot of times the first-place prize is less than what these guys are buying in for at the cash games, Bilzerian said. It’s hard to take it seriously.

Plays in games with buy-ins as high as $5 Millions.

It gets as big as $5,000/$10,000 No Limit. The biggest game I ever played in was $10,000/$25,000 No Limit, Bilzerian added. “The thing about the game is now the games are playing so big that there’s not as many people that can play that big."

"Tons of celebrities, athletes, etcetera, play poker. It has blown up. They just play private games though, and they don’t go into casinos. It is a very small group of these people who play the stakes that I like to play, though. It’s rare and there aren’t many celebrities who are willing to put $1 million down at a table and shoot it off. I think I know everyone who plays those stakes."

All the above statements are just his own claims.

The Verdict: Tobey Maguire poker skills seems to be superior to those of Dan Bilzerian. At least we know from sure source (Molly Bloom) that Maguire is the absolute best player in Hollywood High Stakes Poker Games. 

Is Tobey Maguire's better than other very good poker playing actors (Ben Affleck, Jennifer Tilly). Yeah! But is Tobey Maguire's as good as 13 WSOP bracelets winner Phil Hellmuth. Not so sure! 

Meanwhile the only person who talk about Dan Bilzerian poker greatness is Dan Bilzerian himself!?!

However Dan Bilzerian seems to be honest about his poker skills by saying that he can outplay non-pro poker whales but he just avoid playing against the pros because he is not at their level. Why risking your money facing the best while you can squeeze money out of the rest. In Poker you have to be selective if you wanna be lucrative.

Tobey Maguire playing antics and bad attitude at the poker tables are all described in this book.

Get inside Molly Game: Where the Big Boys Plays Million Dollar Underground Poker Games. Every details is in the book below.