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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kerry Packer - The King of Whales

Kerry Packer
The Undisputed King of Whales

Billionaire businessman
The late Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer was the richest man in Australia.  A media tycoon with a taste for high-stakes gambling.  In 2004, just a year before his dead, Kerry Packer's net worth was estimated to be $6.5 billion.

Ultimate high roller / Giant whale
A lifelong cold-blooded gambler, Kerry Packer was a frequent Las Vegas's visitor.  Usually started his gambling sessions slowly, gambling $500 to $1000 per hand.  Then, if winning, he up his to as much as $300 000 a hand in Baccarat, always betting on the banker to maximize his odds.  The rich man was also fond of Blackjack, which he played with optimal strategy.

When he scored big, he wisely leaved a head.  Take the money and go, some called him "Hit and Run Packer".

Casino crusher
The saint patron of all whales, Kerry Packer could single-handedly make or break a casino.  One New Years Eve in 1992, he sanked the Las Vegas Hilton, winning over $9 000 000 gambling $150 000 per Baccarat hand.  He single-handedly bankrupted of the Aspinalls casino, which closed its doors in May 1990. 

On another occasion, he apparently cashed in 20 Baccarat hands in a row betting $250 000 each time. 

And in one short session at the MGM Grand, only played betwen 7 to 20 hands, he crushed the casino for $33 000 000.

Fearless gambler and risk-taker
In an epic story, Kerry Packer encountered a rich Texan who bragged about his $60 million worth.  The annoyed Kerry Packer offered him to gamble his entire $60 million fortune on a coin toss.  The Texas millionaire backed down and was never heard of again.

Kerry Packer gambling rules
- As Kerry Packer once said: "I only gambled what I could afford to lose".  Do the same.
- "Hit and Run".  Quit while you're a head.
- Only play games that offers you the best odds of winning.  Kerry Packer was playing Baccarat, always betting on the banker, and Blackjack using perfect strategy. 

The best place to play Baccarat and Blackjack with maximum odd is Betfair.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

High Stakes Blackjack Whales

High Stakes Blackjack Whales

Baccarat is the game of choice for all billionaire high rollers.  But Blackjack is their second favorite games.  Why just these two games?  Because Baccarat and Blackjack offers better winning odds than the roulette and any other casino games. 

Whales are loved and feared by casinos.  Since these casino whales has so much money that they can put a casino to its knees.  Playing high stakes blackjack with $100 000 to $500 000 per hand.  These multi billionaires from all over the world (especially Asians) could lose $200 000 000 without blinking an eye.  Now, imagine the dammages they can do when they are lucky.

More than often, casinos all over the world get plucked by those high roller casino whales and their infinite bankrolls.

Below are just a few examples with the Blackjack game.

- In April 2011, a professional Blackjack player and horse handicapper named Don Johnson squeezed $5 800 000 out of Tropicana casino playing $100 000 per Blackjack hand during 12 hours.  The 49 years old pro gambler is also reported as having won $4 230 000 at Caesars Atlantic City in December 2010.  And crushed the Borgata casino for $5 000 000 over a 5 months period.  Over $15 000 000 for 6 months of work.  Not bad!

Due to his 15 years winning streak, mister Johnson has been banned from several casinos all over Atlantic City and Nevada.

- Recently, an unidentified whales beated the crap out of Tropicana casino winning $5 300 000 mostly playing craps ($100 000 per bet), Blackjack and Baccarat.

- A billionaire oil sheik snatched £12 000 000 from Capital Gaming Club playing 3 hours of Blackjack.

- Aspers Groups casino lost £13 000 000 on traditional and online Blackjack.

- World class whales Adnan Khashoggi once had a £5 000 000 win.

- Billionaire high rollers Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Quek Leng Chan, Pini Zahavi, and Putera Sampoerna all had multi million pound wins during the same time frame.
- No counting the multiple wins of mega-whales Kerry Packer and Kamel Nacif.

Thunder in paradise, casinos are far from being infallible.  We won't cry for them! 

Learn to player Blackjack with perfect strategy HERE

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack

Betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack
Like with roulette, baccarat, Jacks or Better.  Betfair is the only place were you should play blackjack.  With better odds than any other casino in the world.  Betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack, play with perfect strategy (check the above chart), and you will guarantee maximum potential gains.
Blackjack perfect strategy
Keep this invaluable chart and tape it next to your computer.

Since Betfair pay out 2-1 for a suited natural Blackjack and a five card twenty one.  Played with the proper strategy and the house edge is down to 0.

So join all the high rollers of this world and go play some blackjack on, the largest casino and sportsbook in the world.