You can drive a Ferrari, but you can’t drive it into a board meeting,”

You can put a beautiful Warhol on your wall, but you can’t take it to dinner with your friends.”

"The best way to show off your wealth and status is with your wrist watch."  

Rolex Romeos believes that a $10-80K watch is a "must have" accesory if you are looking for love.

Bill Hobbs, 33, a former financier-turned-actor and author of “The Work Book: How To Build Your Personal Brand,” is convinced that his $65,000 watch collection played a part in his wife, Stephanie Wu, agreeing to marry him two years ago.

Bob Maron, Watch Dealer to the Stars, specializes in brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, and makes a convincing case for spending more on a watch than on a house.

And he has countless stories that prove that spending a fortune on a watch is the best investment you’ll ever make.

Ric Flair, the original Millionaire Playboy of pro wrestling
was always bragging about his rolex.

In all his drugged out days of blow (hookers) and blow (cocaine), Charlie Sheen has never lost faith or interest in his other vice, watches - more specifically, Patek Philippe.

Charlie Sheen over $700,000 Patek Philippe
ref. 2438/1 watch
and the Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring

Ice-T wears "just a watch" as jewelry.

Every flashy Wall Street broker is expected to wear the “even for the Top 1% Expensive $50,000 wrist watch” just like their role model Gordon Gekko (a gold Cartier).

J.R. Ewing Texas Timex

James Bond, forever looking cool with a $50K watch at his wrist.

My meticulously chosen and beloved wrist watch is
Big, Flashy, Vulgar and Expensive...  
Just like me!

However a lot of rappers are wearing fake ass shit.

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