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Gucci belt? Lol Warren Buffett & Bill Gates don't need it to show off

Warren Buffett & Bill Gates are worth almost $200 BILLION combined and there is no Gucci belt in sight.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Club Epstein

The main source for the following article is James Altucher, a reputable author, blogger, genius, and Wall Street investor. 

By answering a quora question, James Altucher demystified the Jeffrey Epstein's source of wealth.

It seem that Jeffrey Epstein wasn't an hedge fund manager / money manager at all. There is absolutely zero evidence that he operated as such.

In reality, Jeffrey Epstein was a satyriasis (the masculine of nymphomaniac) and had the money to treat himself 3 times a day with young girls and he turned it into an industry. Just like I did with my porn websites!

"Hedge Fund"

The "hedge fund" was just a story so people could explain why they were wiring him Money. Epstein also created dozens of shell companies to mask his elaborate sex ring.

"Philanthropy meetings"

For decades, Epstein hung out with Presidents, country leaders, royalty, Billionaires, financiers, philanthropists, Nobel Prize winners, top scientists, A-list celebrities, etc. These relationships were tradable commodities for him. Through Epstein you had the opportunity to met members of the global elite. So it was a reasonable excuse to visit him on his private island.

Security and privacy

The protection from government (through his massive connections and philanthropy presence).

P.S. (Not so private and secure because it seem that all the dignitaries who were serviced by young gals were recorded. Oups!)

Young girls

Jeffrey Epstein's actual business was as a concierge for the wealthy and private. He secured companionship, threw exclusive parties, arranged for private and discreet meetings with young pretty girls.

He ran a very exclusive social club. One with the largest private residence in New York City, a private island in the Bahamas, private jets with discreet crews, fast boats etc. His real talent though was finding young pretty girls/women - about half were gold diggers in their younger 20s - that where treated and used as luxury goods. Indeed they are. 

Club Epstein

Club Epstein. BillionaireGambler.com

Little Saint James is a private island of the United States Virgin Islands, off the coast of St. Thomas. 
  • In 2019, the island was valued at $63,874,223. 
  • Had a discreet 70 staff. 
  • The area covered by the island is 70–78 acres (28–32 ha) or if you prefer 0.28–0.32 square km (0.11–0.12 sq mi).
Was owned by Jeffrey Epstein as his primary residence from 1998 until his 2019 death and he called the island "Little St. Jeff". Through the years, the island acquired several nicknames as "Island of Sin", "Pedophile Island", "Pedo Island", "Paedo Island", "Orgy Island", and the "Isle of Babes".

 A large bed installed on the jet where guests had group sex with young girls

"Lolita Express" Boeing 727-200 private jet. 

  • A three-engine commercial jet with a capacity of nearly 200 passengers, but tailored into a luxury 29-passenger with dual-cabin privacy.
  • Logged 600 hours of fly time a year.
  • "Lolita Express" was part of his $80 Million fleet of aircraft.
  • Had padded floors for mid-flight wild orgies.

Manhattan mansion. 
  • Valued at somewhere between $55 to $77 Million. 
  • Seven-story, 21,000-square-foot Upper East Side home near Central Park. 

Socialite and ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was his recruiter.

In resume,

He set up the island, the procurement of young girls, the facade of respectability, the protection from government (through his massive connections and philanthropy presence). Then you can do whatever the fuck you want on the island.

Then he probably pitched rich foreign billionaires (sheikhs, dictators, etc) and said, “if you put money in my fund, you can have access to my island, and by the way, lots of young girls on my island and it’s all VERY SECURE AND PRIVATE”.

THAT was his product.

That is obviously not an easy product to build. And it’s a product that was apparently in demand by at least a few wealthy, or connected, and corrupt billionaires, royalty, world leaders, etc.

He sold it to all takers.

Let’s say “membership” in Club Epstein was $20 Million.

Every single dictator in the world can afford that. Almost every single royal person in the world can afford that.

Various foreign corrupt businessmen can afford that without thinking of it.

30 members and Epstein has $600 Million.

That’s how he made his Money.

Two days before Jeffrey Epstein his suicide he signed a will where he disclosed his assets.

  • $56 million in cash
  • $113 million in equities
  • $14 million in bonds
  • $195 million invested with hedge funds
  • $178 million combined value of six properties

When Jeffrey totaled his entire net worth up, he estimated it to be worth exactly $577,672,654.

Although, that number could be higher because it does not include assets put into a trust which are not made public. Technically not a Billionaire but just like one. As Mr. Altrucher stated, anyone with $100 Million or more can live like a Billionaire.

Which made Jeffrey Epstein the Richest Pimp Of All Time. And I'm pretty sure he never wore a colorful suit, a big hat, a shitload of jewelry nor made it to the Players Ball.
Pimping ain't easy, but its necessary - Abraham Lincoln   BillionaireGambler.com

A lot of Epstein's Billionaire "friends" were surely relieved by the death of their disgraced "wingman" and the burrial of his secrets.

If you liked this article, go check my x-rated version of Club Epstein.

Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire,
 the Sex Scandal that Undid Him,
 and All the Justice that Money Can Buy:
 The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein

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Ms. Hilton (Song about Paris Hilton)

A song about Paris Hilton

"Ms. Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks"

Ms. Hilton lyrics 

Oh my, looky there
Stone-cold foxy, platinum hair
Short skirt, barely there
Make a chick wanna hate, make a boy wanna stare

Well, Ms. Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks
Get the feelin' that you don’t really give a fuck
Ms. Hilton I like the way you push and glide
Rollerskates on a social butterfly, whoo!

Breeze by, velvet ropes
Ski this town like a bunny slope
Oh my, there she goes
A Long money girl in her short money clothes

Well,Ms. Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks
Was it you with your bunny all up in the club?
Ms. Hilton I like the way you push and glide
Rollerskates on a social butterfly

Ms. Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks
Get the feelin that you don’t really give a fuck
Ms Hilton I like the way you push and glide
Rollerskates on a social butterfly

Ms. Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks
Was it you with your bunny all up in the club?
Ms. Hilton I like the way you push and glide
Rollerskates on a social butterfly

Ms. Hilton
Ms. Hilton
Ms. Hilton

Artist: The Penfifteen Club
Album: Feel It

Released: 2006
(The Simple Life Soundtrack)

Kylie Jenner, Paris Hilton & Self-Made meaning (Forbes)

Kylie Jenner self-made Billionaire on Forbes cover. BillionaireGambler.com
At 21, Kylie Jenner Becomes The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever.

Yes, whether you like it or not, Kylie Jenner is SELF-MADE by definition. She built and financed her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics.

Just below, there is the Forbes Self-Made scale. Which made perfect sense if you want my opinion.

Forbes Self-Made scale.

At the most basic level, the scores denote who inherited some or all of their fortune (scores 1 through 5) and those who truly made it on their own (6 through 10).

1: Inherited fortune but not working to increase it: Christy Walton

2: Inherited fortune and has a role managing it: Forrest Mars Jr., Laurene Powell Jobs

3: Inherited fortune and helping to increase it marginally: Penny Pritzker

4: Inherited fortune and increasing it in a meaningful way: Henry Ross Perot Jr., Donald Trump

5: Inherited small or medium-size business and made it into a ten-digit fortune: George Kaiser

6: Hired or hands-off investor who didn’t create the business: Meg Whitman

7: Self-made who got a head start from wealthy parents and moneyed background: Rupert Murdoch, Kylie Jenner

8: Self-made who came from a middle- or upper-middle-class background: Mark Zuckerberg, Katie Rodan

9: Self-made who came from a largely working-class background; rose from little to nothing: Eddie Lampert, Eren Ozmen

10: Self-made who not only grew up poor but also overcame significant obstacles: Oprah Winfrey, George Soros

Paris Hilton may not be a Billionaire but she is also self-made too, despite her family name and old money. Just like Kylie Jenner, Paris Hilton used her celebrity to build her own brand as the businesswoman she is. Not all born-rich famous for being famous celebrities successfully expand their brand. Just look at her sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild (yes, she married a Rothschild) who tried to do the same.

FYI, Paris Hilton only has a $5.6 Million inheritance. Nonetheless Paris Hilton net worth is $300 Million.

Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner SELF-MADE. BillionaireGambler.com
Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner SELF-MADE Girl Bosses.

Why so many haters? 

JEALOUSY. because Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton have it all: Beauty, brain and a lot of moolah.

Health & Wealth


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Monday, May 11, 2020

Billionaires on TV series

one-percenter-tv-shows-illustration  BillionaireGambler.com

The "one-percenter-tv-shows-illustration" drawing above is so cool that I had to made a post just about it. The golf-playing empire builder fighting with his socialite wife while the wastrel trust fund son is dead-drunk in the pool.

Since you should all know how much I love MONEY. I also love to watch TV series about Money, at least about the lifestyle of extremely wealthy (actual and fictional) empire builders. So I can get some inspiration, motivation, and to some extent, I can better myself at the same time.

After all displays of "extreme wealth and power" are by very far the best escapism you can ever get! These series are here to make us dream and entertain us. Yes, the filthy rich have issues and problems too, just like everyone. Just like Notorious B.I.G. would sing "Mo Money Mo Problems".

Here below are the TV series listed in the article "New Wave of TV Shows Lets Viewers Watch the Rich Get Their Just Deserts" written by Daniel D'Addario.

And yes, the protagonists and antagonists are mostly sociopaths. In fact, you don't build and keep a fortune and an empire by being naive and soft. Just as you can't fight them without being cunning and ruthless.

Reality Check:
UHNWI instead of one-percenter.

To be among the top 1 percent of U.S. earners, a family needs a MINIMUM income of $421,926. While the AVERAGE income of the top 1 percent nationwide is $1.32 million. The bottom 99 percent, on the other hand, earn an average of $50,107 a year.

Meanwhile the top 1% net worth per household would be $10,374,030.10 in United States. Which is far least than the "enormous wealth" depicted in the above TV shows. However, the top 0.10% household net worth is $43,090,281.00.

To give you an idea, in "The Loudest Voice" the real-life Roger Ailes net worth was $100 Million. While Bobby Axelrod (Billions) and Logan Roy (Succession) are Billionaires. So it put them all above the top 0.10 percenter.

So the Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) are defined as having a net worth of at least US$30 million in constant 2018 dollars. It is the wealth segment above very-high-net-worth individuals (>$5 million) and high-net-worth-individuals (>$1 million). Although they constitute only 0.003% of the world’s population (less than 1 in 33,000), they hold 13% of the world's total wealth.

Now it seem that the point of my article was to categorize the financial status of our favorite TV series' rich folks. Mission accomplished!

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Pill like NZT from Limitless without risk - L-Theanine and Caffeine nootropic stack

The recommended L-Theanine + Caffeine dosage is 2:1.
200 ml of Theanine and 100 ml of Caffeine. Keeping it at this small dosage to keep the effectiveness since you can build a tolerance to caffeine.

The boost of caffeine without the jitters and crashes.
Focus and productivity without the devastating side effects and high addictive potential of Adderall (amphetamines).

Monday, April 13, 2020

Top 10 World's Richest People

One-Person Startups (Infographic)

The 10 largest one-person startups in the world. All are internet / digital businesses. Unfortunately they were afraid to include the biggest porn sites. Those who draw billion of visits and millions in profit a year.

Original post: https://smallbiztrends.com/2014/07/successful-one-person-startups.html

Brought to you by one-person startup

6 Corporations That Own all media

Here are The Big 6 who controls all media including 24-hour news stations, newspapers, publishing houses, Internet utilities, and even video game developers.

As you will see The Big 6 media conglomerate hold tremendous power over the life of citizens worldwide. You can't imagine the holding of these corporations without seeing the following infographic.

Full article: https://www.webfx.com/blog/internet/the-6-companies-that-own-almost-all-media-infographic/

Brought to you by future media conglomerate

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Real-life Limitless NTZ-48

Isn't your brain more important than your muscles?
Isn't your productivity more important than your c*ck?

So why there are so many effective drugs and steroids to build your muscles and enhance your sports performance?

So why viagra and cialis are the real thing that will make an old man's limp member hard, alive and kicking?

Why there isn't STEROIDS for your Brain?

Why there isn't VIAGRA for your Brain?

And why there isn't 100% real stuff to enhance your brain power?

Yes I know there is a lot of bogus gimmick, natural products that are supposed to enhance your brain power. Omega 3, vitamins, etc are jokes!

The One Trillion Dollar question. 

Can you get something close to the Limitless NTZ-48 in real life?
Or even better the CPH4 in Lucy?

Here below are seemingly the most effective and potent Limitless NTZ-48 steroids and viagra for your brain.

  1. Modafinil & noopept. It seem to be the most effective stack.
  2. Modafinil (Armodafinil, Adrafinil). The most talked about brain pill on the market.
  3. Noopept. A lot of mixed opinion about this one.
  4. Dextroamphetamine. ADHD drug with a high potential for addiction.
  5. Adderall. An amphetamine reported as having many unlikely side effects.
  6. Ritalin. A couple of unlikely side effects just like adderall.
  7. Caffeine. A powerful stimulant but caffeine crash isn't funny at all.
  8. Cocaine. Out of question for me. And you shouldn't even call it cocaine since the actual cocaine in a gram of street cocaine is 17% at the very best. Just think about it for a second, the only way to make Money in drug dealing is to cut the stuff in half filling it with cheaper stimulants and almost anything that is white. From Colombia to the United States, there is a lot of people who would have their hands that will touch the merchandise. Bottom line, illegal and non-pharmaceutical products are whack!
  9. Too many ineffective gimmick stuff who are promoted as the real-life Limitless NTZ-48 pills.
  10. Even worse are the ineffective Omega 3, vitamins, etc. There are sure great for your health but they won't make an Einstein out of a moron.

Sources and interesting links: 




Just below here is a complete article about nootropics. I've found it on a website that doesn't exist anymore.

Real Life NZT 48 Limitless Pills – Do They Exist?

The nootropics that come close to this fictional drug are broken up into four categories, Stimulants, herbal nootropics, racetams, and ampakine nootropics.
  • Stimulant Nootropics
Stimulant nootropics consist of things like Modafinil, Armodafinil, Adrafinil, Phenylpiracetam, and Sulbutiamine.
These work mainly on the dopamine and norepinephrine receptors of the human brain, and create benefits on overall cognition such as increased focus and memory, greater ability to recall digit spans, greater ability to use logic to deduce coincidences out of your environment, and finally, more energy.
These drugs can have mild crashes and withdrawal symptoms if taken too frequently and in too high of a dosage, and should be used sparingly to mitigate tolerance. On days you choose to use this nootropic, it is smart to supplement both CDP Choline, and L-Tyrosine to help the brain recover from an excess of stimulation.
  • Herbal Nootropics
Herbal nootropics are drugs that include Bacopa Monnieri, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola Rosea extract. These are also commonly known as adaptogens, and create relaxing, clarity of thought inducing, anxiolytic effects.
While they can help to clear your mind in times of stress, for really getting large amounts of work done, these are best if stacked atop nootropic stimulant drugs.
They can help to minimize unpleasant side effects, and can have a very synergistic effect when taken in proper dosages.
  • Racetam Nootropics
Racetam nootropics include Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam.
These nootropics act primarily on the brain’s acetylcholine receptors, and help to improve memory, focus, cognition and clarity of thought (though are mainly touted towards the improvement of STM to LTM memory encoding.)
When you take a racetam, unlike a stimulant nootropic drug, expect to feel much more clarity of mind, and to have extremely effective recall when memorizing facts, learning mathematics, or doing a creative task.
  • Ampakine Nootropics
Ampakine nootropics are the strongest type of nootropics readily available, and consist of Sunifiram, Noopept, and Unifiram (though Unifiram is almost never sold.)
These provide extreme euphoria, and are the equivalent of stacking a very high dosage of a stimulant nootropic, with a very high dose of a racetam-type nootropic drug (yet are in doses as low as 5 milligrams per pill in order to feel effects.) Side effects on these are minimal at best, and decrease even further if CDP Choline is supplemented with the nootropic drug.
Common stacks are Phenylpiracetam and Noopept, Sunifiram and Sulbutiamine, and Noopept and Adrafinil (these are all stimulants stacked with ampakine nootropics.)

Was NZT 48 based on Adderall?

Once the film went mainstream, there was speculation that the drug in the film was in fact based on the common prescription amphetamine.
It was in fact based on the novel “The Dark Fields” however, which is a sci-fi thriller that is almost identical to the plot of the film limitless.
And now let’s transition from the world of Limitless and NZT48 into the biggest, fastest growing umbrella of mental potential and mind power products and supplements, NOOTROPICS.

What are Nootropics?

In short, nootropics are a supplemental alternative to Adderall with far less side effects, better mental prowess over the long-term, and that are available over the counter online.
Nootropics don’t carry with them the harsh risk of addiction, tolerance and withdrawal that modern day psychostimulants have (which is one major thing that makes them so popular) and therefore are commonly used by entrepreneurs, college students, and high level finance executives. Nootropics are the perfect supplement for anyone with a rigorous work schedule looking to increase performance.

What is the Most Stimulating Nootropic?

The most stimulating nootropic by far is Modafinil. Modafinil is a schedule IV prescription drug in the United States, yet is very readily available in the nootropics community online by online stores such as Modup  and Modafinilcat.
Shipping is very discreet, and there’s very little actual risk, both sites have been in business for nearly a decade, and secrecy, quality, and speed are their specialties!
How much do nootropics cost?
Nootropics vary in cost from $9.99 to $100 dollars a bottle. Make sure you start slow and build up to avoid any adverse side effects or problems.

Common Side Effects of Nootropics

Common side effects of nootropics include the well-known “racetam headache” which you get from not having enough choline when taking racetam nootropic drugs. A simple CDP Choline capsule will mitigate any unpleasant side effect from this.
Final Thoughts on the Limitless TV Series, and how it relates to nootropics..
With a TV series coming out on a box office hit that was as great as Limitless, nootropics are going to become much more mainstream on par with the popularity of this show. While NZT 48 may not be real..you definitely can become more “Limitless” with the right nootropic cocktails, and a little hard work!
http://limitlessnzt48.com/nzt48/  A now defunct website, probably because they didn't sell any placebo pills.

After taking it, I felt like Bradley Cooper in Limitless – “I wasn’t wired, wasn’t high, I was just clear and knew what I needed to do.”

http://thetab.com/uk/lse/2015/03/12/study-drug-noopept-took-c-straight-student-1403   Noopept?? Well? I didn't know that noopept had any effect?!


Who are the 15 Richest Fictional Characters? 
How they make their Money? 
How they spend their Money?

The Richest Fictional Characters

This list is partly bullshit since the net worth of the last five nominees is vastly underrated. They are Billionaires not mere Millionaires?! How did Walden Schmidt came from selling his company $1.3 Billion and is only worth £8.9 Million???

Interesting nonetheless!

Source: https://www.lottoland.co.uk/magazine/the-richest-fictional-characters.html

Great Gatsby net worth

Gatsby net worth: $1 Billion

Great Gatsby would only be worth $1.25 Million in 1922.
Which would only make $18.57 Million in 2020's Money. 
Far from the Billion dollar claimed above.

I don't know if you watched the movie, but the Great Gatsby was literally flushing money down the toilet on a weekly basis throwing lavish parties for sycophants he didn't even know. All in the hope to catch the attention of Daisy, the love of his life he lost five years ago.

The prohibition being already over in the movie. As a former bootlegger, Gatsby probably struggled to keep his lifestyle with diminishing revenues.

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