Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rev. Ike Prosperity Teaching

Inspiring, entertaining, the late Reverend Ike is the very best Prosperity Preacher are here. He is dead but his legacy will forever live.

  • As long as I am free to think I can free myself of any condition.
  • There are no victims only volunteers.
  • Destiny is a matter of choice not chance.
  • Victims live by chance. Masters live by choice.

  • Choice is my starting point.
  • I have the power of choice.
  • I have the power of decision.
  • You can make a choice to have money.
  • Choose it and it will choose you.
  • If you don't control your life. They will control it.

  • You only need to give yourself permission.
  • The power of choice. The power of a made-up choice.
  • Definite with the infinite.

  • I'm not do to be sick I'm do to be well.

  • The Christ is here as you.

  • Give yourself permission.

Rev Ike book is the Prosperity Gospel Bible
Rev Ike book Prosperity Gospel Bible

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