Monday, November 14, 2016


Donald Trump supermodel wives
Donald Trump wives

"Trumps adherents care less about the substance of his positions and more about the combative, in your face way he presents them. They are excited by him more than they actually agree with him. They want him to make America great again, whatever that means, and to reclaim their own lost honor. They dream, first and foremost, of being exactly like him: fabulously rich and famous, with supermodel wives at their side, free to say whatever they wish, racist and vulgar as it may be, like a combination of their childhood heroes, Archie Bunker of Queens and J. R. Ewing of Dallas."

I feel exactly like the above!

I'm not American, I'm not a racist, and I don't know who the F*** is Archie Bunker. 

But I can tell you that J.R. Ewing has always been one of my role models and that:

"When I grow up I wanna be like Donald Trump!"

J.R. Ewing & Donald Trump Greed is Good
JR Ewing & Donald Trump
Greed is Good

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