Tuesday, October 4, 2016

World's Biggest Car Collection

Sultan of Brunei car collection
Sultan of Brunei car collection

The Sultan of Brunei AKA Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah AKA "World's Biggest Car Collector" is the world's richest royal and the owner of The World's Largest And Most Expensive Car Collection. That's many world's largest, world's biggest, world's richest in the same sentence!

Sultan of Brunei owns over 7,000 vehicules worth over $5,000,000,000.

The Sultan of Brunei owns a colossal collection of over 7,000 exotic cars for an astonishing total book value of an estimated $5 Billion.

With his USD $22 Billion net worth, there is no doubt that the Sultan of Brunei can buy whatever car that please him. Companies like Ferrari produces special limited edition just for the Sultan's collection.

The Sultan of Brunei (center) collects women too.
It's good to be king... ehh Sultan!

Aside from pooping in gold toilet (no kidding!) and being the world's biggest, wealthiest, richest, largest everything and anything... The Sultan of Brunei AKA Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah is also the 29th Bolkiah’s wealth, the Prime Minister, the Inspector General of Police, the President, and the Supreme Commander of the Brunei Royal Armed Forces. That's a lot of responsabilities even for a one man country like him.

Here is a youtube video of the Garage of The Sultan of Brunei

NSFW: Car enthusiasts will probably get an hard-on watching this. 

P.S. (Jay Leno hates The Sultan of Brunei because he has more cars than him.)

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