Friday, October 7, 2016

U.S. Presidents IQ

Here are the more or least accurate estimated IQs of some notable U.S. Presidents and candidates.

For entertainment purpose only.

John Quincy Adams, a graduate of Harvard College, was the president with the highest estimated IQ. He had a score that ranged between 165 and 175.
John Quincy Adams  IQ 165-175

  1. John Quincy Adams  IQ 165-175. An Harvard graduate with the highest estimated IQ of all U.S. Presidents.
  2. Donald Trump  IQ 156 (while more realistic estimation puts him in the 120-130 range)
  3. Thomas Jefferson  IQ 154
  4. Jimmy Carter  IQ 153
  5. John F. Kennedy  IQ 151 (while an actual test claims 119?)
  6. Bill Clinton  IQ 149
  7. Hillary Clinton  IQ 140
  8. Barrack Obama  IQ 140
  9. Al Gore  IQ 134 (High School test)
  10. Martin Van Buren  IQ 133
  11. George Washington  IQ 132
  12. Dwight D. Eisenhower  IQ 131
  13. Richard Nixon  IQ 131
  14. Ronald Reagan  IQ 130
  15. George H.W. Bush (father)  IQ 130
  16. Grover Cleveland  IQ 130
  17. James K. Polk  IQ 130
  18. William McKinley  IQ 130
  19. Herbert Hoover  IQ 129
  20. Lyndon B. Johnson  IQ 127
  21. Gerarld Ford  IQ 127
  22. Harry Truman  IQ 127
  23. Calvin Coolidge  IQ 127
  24. Andrew Jackson  IQ 126
  25. William Howard Taft  IQ 126
  26. James Buchana  IQ 125
  27. Zachary Taylor  IQ 125
  28. George W. Bush (son)  IQ 124 (Another source claims 91)
  29. Warren G. Harding  IQ 124
  30. James Monroe  IQ 124
  31. Ulysse S Grant  IQ 120

The average IQ is 90-100.

The most accurate source to know the U.S. Presidents IQ is the IQ estimations made by academics.

Well! Now I'm more confuse than ever regarding the estimated IQ of the U.S. Presidents and some worthy candidates. 

No matter the sources, it seem that the above estimations and maybe some actual tests are hard to take seriously. 

Whether you like them or not, every U.S. Presidents and runners-up are people with superior intellect and impressive background. 

Is an IQ test or a so-called IQ estimation can prove if a President or candidate is more worthy than another?

I don't think so!

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