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TCB ring Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley TCB Ring An 11.5-carat diamond solitaire two lightning bolts make up the edges. cost $35,000 in 1974
Elvis Presley TCB ring

Elvis Presley TCB Ring 
The initials T.C.B. stands for 'Taking Care of Business'.

  • 56 diamonds including 
  • an 11.5-carat diamond solitaire in the center 
  • and 3.00 carats of diamonds in the letters and bolts
  • two lightning bolts make up the edges
  • a black onyx
  • made in 18K yellow and white gold. 
  • The ring original size is 1 & 3/8 inches long X 1 & 1/8 inch wide
  • Elvis paid $35,000 for it in 1974, 
  • which would be $163,000 in today’s dollars. 

"Even Liberace doesn't have a ring to equal this."
-- Elvis Presley

The history behind the TCB

The initials T.C.B. stand for Taking Care of Business, which is what Elvis Presley called his band. He incorporated the letters into an emblem flanked by lightning bolts. This emblem was used in several pieces of Elvis' custom jewelry including his famous T.C.B. ring and necklace. 

Taking Care of Business was a mantra and a point of pride for Elvis Presley and his entourage, known as the Memphis Mafia. The T.C.B. logo often is placed over a lightning bolt, which signifies Taking Care of Business in a Flash.

The Making of the TCB Ring by Lowell Hays: 

"Elvis asked me to make a stage ring; a big ring that would say Elvis to everyone who saw it. The first attempt to make it was in 1973. Elvis gave that ring away. The second attempt was the Aloha Ring, the one with the big horseshoe. He gave that ring to J.D. Sumner after the Hawaii concert. Elvis apologized to me for giving it away, but said it just wasn't exactly what he wanted. He asked me to work on a design using the lightning bolts and his TCB logo. We reviewed some sketches I did, and he liked them. I decided to make the ring out of wood. I carved it out of Balsa wood; I made the lightning bolts and glued them to the ring. Then I made the letters. I cut the onyx out of a piece of black plastic. Next, I glued stones to the lightning bolt, glued the letters with stones to the onyx, and a large center stone. Basically, I made the ring out of wood. He just couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it. 'I want it', he said and asked if I could have it ready by the next tour? I'll try was all I could say. I had the ring ready the day before we left on tour. I took it out to Graceland and sent word up to his room that I had it. 'Bring it up', he said. No, I want to show it to you at your dining room table, under this big chandelier. When he saw it he flipped out. He said even Liberace doesn't have a ring to equal this. The TCB ring was set with an 11.5 carat diamond in the center and 3.00 carats of diamonds in the letters and bolts. It was made in 18K yellow and white gold."

Elvis Presley TCB ring

PYGOD.COM Elvis TCB ring
Yours truly, PYGOD.COM wearing the exact same ring on his left fist.

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