Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pocket change... How much do you carry?

$10,000 wad of cash

Let me have some doubt.

The largest U.S. banknote in circulation is the C-note aka Benjamin aka $100 bill.

Can you imagine having three $10,000 stacks in your back pocket?

50000 dollars in 100 dollar bills
50000 dollars in 100 dollar bills

In movies...

  • Jinxed (1982). I clearly remember when the pro gambler / blackjack player unfolds two $10,000 bills to gamble it at the blackjack table, losing it all and ultimately commit suicide.
  • Pulp Fiction. Who can forget the Bad Mother Fucker wallet of Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) with fifteen $100 bills inside that he gave to the low-life bum?

In pro wrestling...

  • WWF pro wrestler "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and his valet Virgil carried a more realistic $1,500 in brand new one hundred dollar bills.
  • WWE wrestler and Ted DiBiase knock-off Tiger Ali Singh and his valet Babu carried the exact same $1,500 in hundred dollar bills.

In books...
  • The Angry Black Man Guide To Success. Alvin, a small plumbing contractor with fifteen years of experience, was always flush with cash and always had at least three thousand dollars in his pocket. This made him Ghettofabulous.
  • Famous boxing promoter Don King used to carry $2K in his pocket as well as a gun tucked in his pants. 

The one above all...

Yusuf gold money belt
This man loved his Gold more than his own life!

  • Yusuf Ismail the Terrible Turk, a wrestler during the 1890s, used to carry $8,000 ($217,299.08 in today's money) in gold coins in his money belt. He was eventually drowned to death by the 40 pounds of gold around his waist when the ship he was aboard sank. Yusuf was too greedy to let the belt go!

Believe it or not, a wrestler from the last century outdoned any ghetto fabulous artists or athletes that you might know in term of bling and cash money carrying!

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