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Top 10 wwe wrestling salaries

WWE Highest-Paid Wrestlers List by Forbes (the only reputable source when you talk about Money and net worth)

The Rock John Cena highest paid richest wwe wrestlers
"The Rock" Dwayne Johnson (left) earned $31.5 Million and John Cena (right) earned $9.5 Million in 2015.

  1. "THE ROCK" DWAYNE JOHNSON   $31.5 Million from the twelve months to June 2015. Mostly from acting.
  2. JOHN CENA   $9.5 Million
  3. BROCK LESNAR   $6.0 Million
  4. TRIPLE H   $2.8 Million (including WWE Executive compensation)
  5. RANDY ORTON   $2.7 Million
  6. SETH ROLLINS   $2.4 Million
  7. ROMAN REIGNS  $2.1 Million
  8. THE UNDERTAKER   $2 Million
  9. BIG SHOW   $1.5 Million
  10. KANE   $1.3 Million
  11. DEAN AMBROSE   $1.1 Million

More informations about WWE wrestler salary

  • The average WWE wrestler is paid $500,000 a year.
  • For the year 2015, Forbes estimated that the WWE in-ring talent were paid roughly $50 Million or 6% of WWE total revenues of $659 Millions. Comparing to the NFL and NBA who share half their total revenues with their athletes.
  • "The Rock Dwayne Johnson is the highest-paid actor in the world in 2016 with a whopping $64.5 Million. Congratulations, I feel like he is one of us since I'm a lifelong wrestling fan.


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