Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Biggest Harem In History

After exploring the world's biggest car collection, I explore with you the biggest Harem in History. For me, collecting expensive cars is an admirable hobby but collecting booties is far more interesting.

Harem: an Arabic word meaning "the place of the women".

A little bit of religion to start with...

Religion is probably the last thing that come to mind when dreaming of your own Harem. But believe it or not, religion was the starting point of many of the largest Harems / booty collection in history. 

Under Islamic law, a man can have as many wives as he can support, with the traditional number topping out at around four. However, concubines are unlimited and many harems grew into the thousands. 

However the proud owner of the biggest Harem that ever be was an Hindu long born before the arrival of Islam.

The Happiest Man That Ever Was...

Forget Hugh Hefner, this man is a man of his own. 

The History's Largest Recorded Harem award goes to... drumroll... the 6th century BCE's King Tamba of Banaras, with an impressive city-sized Harem of some 16,000 WOMEN!!!!

King Tamba Hindu Harem
Sorry I couldn't find any art nor illustration representing King Tamba.
This one is closest thing to an Hindu Harem that I could find.

King Tamba has propriety rights on any girl or woman in the kingdom. Whether she was willing or not, King Tamba was entitled to claim and cloistering any girl or woman in his Harem. Evidently, he has exclusive rights on his female booties. And  to ensure sexual exclusivity of his women, his Harem was rigidly guarded by trusted servants with clear voice affectionately called eunuchs. Free translation of eunuchs: castrated Harem keepers. That's what I call real Power!!! Cutting men's balls to keep your Harem exclusive and unpolluted.

Forget about 50 Cent, King Tamba is the real P.I.M.P.

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