Sunday, September 25, 2016

Millionaires (group)

Millionaire$ is an Asian American electropop music band formed in August 2007 "as an accident" consisting of two tattooed Guidette sisters, Melissa Marie Maddox and Allison Maria Green. Dani Artaud was a member of the group from 2007 til 2010.

Millionaires $i$ter$ are also known as the leaders of the DGAF (Don't Give A F*ck) crew.

Despite their love of Money, Bling Bling and Partying, the Green sisters are really DIY (Do It Yourself), 100% autonomous and independent. Millionaires are cost-effective which mean more Money in their pockets.

Just by looking at the beautiful Melissa Marie Green many tattoos you can tell that she not only like Money. She LOVES Money!!!

Her $i$ter Allison Green LOVES Money too!

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