Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Millionaire Punks

Being an all-around weirdo and a rebel I've always been interested in counter culture movements, music and styles like Metal, Punk, Skinhead, Grunge and even Hip Hop.

L7 grunge punk metal female band

But I love Money too.

I know for sure that there is a lot of multimillionaire metalheads (Metallica, Guns N'Roses...) and a couple of almost Billionaire rappers (P.Diddy, Jay-Z, Dr. Dree, Baby Bird...).


Punk millionaires? Do they exist?
The answer is YES!

Yours truly PYGOD.COM  kutte

When you think about a punk the first thing that come to mind is a filthy homeless crust punk with a spiked mohawk and a studded leather jacket panhandling for a living. 

Crust punk panhandling for beer
Crust punks living from beer to beer

And when you think about the punk culture in general you think about anarchy, anti-capitalist, DIY (Do-It-Yourself), pro-cheap beer, anti-everything, etc.

I somewhat agree with this. Doing what everybody do (working jobs that they hate just to live above their means) is plain stupid!

But in reality, punk artists, underground and mainstream, rarely have the classic street punk look of liberty spikes, safety pins and kutte (jacket full of patches and studds). Most of them have short hair and look quite normal. Dead Kennedys for example.

Forget about the anti-capitalist part. It's quite easy to lambast the evil of Money when you are penniless. But it's another thing to not enjoy it when you are making it.

The below punk rocker artists sell-out for the benefit of their bank accounts. For the punk purists out there, do not hate them because they are successful. Life is always more enjoyable living in a mansion than squatting abandoned buildings with smelly people.

Here is the list of the richest punk rock artists of all time. Sorry, I reluctantly included some cheesy, yet very lucrative, pop punk acts like Avril Lavigne to this list.  A couple of them have the hardcore heavily-tattooed street punk look.

Travis Barker net worth $85 Million
Travis Barker from Blink 182 looks like an homeless crush punk despite his $85 Million net worth!

Punk rocker Travis Barker frequents celeb puss***
like Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra.

Travis Barker, a crust punk with Money... a lot of Money!
Travis Barker owns an impressive and very expensive cars collection with a weakness for vintage Cadillac.

The Top 30 Richest Punk Rock Artists.

  1. Travis Barker ($85 Million) - Blink 182
  2. Dexter Holland ($65 Million) - Offspring
  3. Tom Delonge ($60 Million) - Blink 182
  4. Mark Hoppus ($60 Million) - Blink 182
  5. Billy Joe Armstrong ($55 Million) - Green Day
  6. Mike Dirnt ($50 Million) - Green Day
  7. Avril Lavigne ($50 Million)
  8. Tre Cool ($45 Million) - Green Day
  9. Ian Mackaye ($25 Million) - Minor Threat, Fugazi
  10. Davey Havok ($20 Million) - AFI
  11. Gerard Way ($20 Million) - MCR
  12. Joel Madden ($16 Million) - Good Charlotte
  13. Patrick Stump ($16 Million) - FOB
  14. Iggy Pop ($15 Million)
  15. John Lydon ($15 Million) - Sex Pistols
  16. Benji Madden ($14 Million) - Good Charlotte
  17. Tim Armstrong ($13 Million) - Rancid
  18. Henry Rollins ($12 Million) - Black Flag
  19. Lars Frederiksen ($10 Million) - Rancid
  20. Pete Wentz ($10 Million)
  21. Hayley Williams ($8 Million) - Paramore
  22. Glenn Danzig ($6.5 Million) - Danzig
  23. Joey Ramone ($6 Million) - The Ramones
  24. Deryck Whibley ($6 Million) - Sum 41
  25. Fat Mike ($5 Million) - NOFX
  26. Pierre Bouvier ($5 Million) - Simple Plan
  27. Brendon Urie ($4 Million) - 
  28. Mike Ness ($3 Million) - Social Distorsion
  29. Marky Ramone ($2 Million) - The Ramones
  30. Alex Gaskarth ($1 Million) - All Time Low


The other extreme / flip side of the coin:

Homeless, penniless, panhandling crust punk.
Crust Punk Porn
Yes they are actually crust punk pornographers

Interesting links:

Would you rather be the homeless guy or the millionaire sell-out?

I've made my choice.
What's yours?

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