Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Don King jacket

I'm self-employed, I'm a counter culture fan. 
I march to the beat of my own drum. 
And I look and dress accordingly

I like Metalhead kutte / battle jacket / battlevest / cut-off, outlaw biker vest with patches, homeless crust punk studded leather jacket, and Don King bling jacket.

The subject here is the Don King painted, studded, bedazzled denim jacket with his face painted on. Another interesting point about his famed denin jacket is that he also uses it as a promotional tool covering it with buttons of his favorite politicians of the moment, be it the Bush family, Barrack Obama and now Donald Trump... Who's next? Homer Simpson.

Don King formerly the Biggest and Richest Boxing Promoter for a couple of decades. Now in his 80's, Don King is maybe past his prime as a promoter but with all his platinum, diamonds, gold jewelry and wearing his personalized pimped jean jacket Don King still is the Most Flamboyant Promoter around here.

Without further ado... 
I give you...
Drum roll...
Don King kutte AKA Don King battle jacket.

Was Miley Cyrus denin jacket inspired by Don King?

Here's mine, the PYGOD kutte

The PYGOD kutte looks really plain next to Don King's jacket.
Maybe I need some rhinestones...

PYGOD DotCOM kutte battle jacket
My PYGOD DotCOM kutte battle jacket 
after my mom painted it!

Thank you Mom!

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How to make your Don King jacket
Hand Painted, Acrylic on Denim,
The next level

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