Friday, September 30, 2016

Clinton vs Trump public trust

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump comparison of qualities and aptitude to rule the country.

Visibly Hillary Clinton is judged as more qualified and suitable to run the United States of American than Donald Trump.

From an ABC News / Washington Post poll dated from March 9, 2016. Six months later, from what I've learned from the many news sources, I can feel those numbers haven't changed.

It really make sense that Hillary Clinton is the most apt and qualified to run the United States. And Donald Trump seems to be downright dangerous. But as many analysts said, the American people rightfully don't like nor trust Hillary Clinton and the American people are sick and tired of all the sell-out politicians whoring themselves to the big corporations. 

Donald Trump; despite his eccentricity and craziness, is anti-etablishment, anti-politically correctness, no bs. Donald Trump isn't a prostitute nor a puppet to the big corporations. Donald Trump is his own man and doesn't give a damn about what you think. I do admire Donald Trump, not for his extreme right wing ideology but as a businessman, an entertainer and a winner.

This situation is really interesting. Hillary is qualified for the job but can't be trusted while Trump is fn' crazy! Both are, just like every politicians, compulsive liars.


We will see!

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