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Super Trader 1 
Forex trading tools of super trader. Super Traders trade forex based on fact, not feeling. 
Super Trader Secret - Forex Trading Tools

In real world, is there any super trader?

Below is the super trader list and how they turn small amount of money into million dollars in short period of time:

• Arthur Cutten: Turned $1,000 dollars into over $90 million dollars.
Richard Dennis: Turned $400 into $200 million in 10 years.
• Ken Griffin: Started in a dorm room and at 38 is worth $3 billion.
• Dan Zanger: Pyramid $10,775 into $42 million in less than 3 years.
• Michael Marcus: Rolled out a $30,000 account into over $80 million.
Tom Baldwin: Parlayed $25,000 into over $2 billion.
Ed Seykota: Made 250,000 percent return on his account over 16 years.
• Nicolas Darvas: Leveraged $25,000 into $2.25 million in 18 months.
• Michael Lauer: Provided investors with a 50-fold return over 7 years.
• Mark Cook: Registered back to back gains of 563% and 322%.
Jesse Livermore: Traded $500 into $100 million - $0 into $100 million
• Steve Lescarbeau: Averaged 70% return every year.
• Stanley Kroll: Took $18,000 and turned it into a cool million in a year or so.
• David Tepper: Earned more than $2.5 billion for himself in 2009.
• Paul Tudor Jones: Made triple digit returns 5 years in a row. In 2006 he earned $750 million.
• Steve Cohen: Manages billions of dollars & averaged returns of 90% during the past 7 years.
• Mark Minervini: Averaged 220% annual returns in the past five years.
• Bernard Baruch: Became a trading millionaire by the age of thirty-five.
• W.D. Gann: Averaged $1 million per annum over a 50-year trading career.
• Eddie Lampert: Traded his way to a net worth of $3.5 billion while still in his 40s.
• Steven Schonfeld: Put $100,000,000 + in his pocket last year.
• John Burbank: Put $300,000,000 + in his pocket last year.
• George Soros: A survivor of the Battle of Budapest netted $2.9 billion in 2007.
• Larry Fink: Controls more money than Germany has GDP.
• Warren Buffett: Became the 3rd wealthiest person in the world.
Martin Schwartz: Earned $300,000-$500,000 per month day trading the S&P.
• Jim Cramer: Routinely taken home $10 million a year and more.
• Bruce Kovner: Borrowed $3,000 on a credit card and turned it into $2.5 billion.
• Who will be next super trader?

Super trader never trade based on feeling. They trade based on data or fact. They utilize some trading tools to help them make the decision. If you trade based on your feeling, then you are trying your luck. If you have good luck, then you make money and vice versa. Unfortunately, you do not know whether your luck is good or not until the trading result had been come out.

If you want to make money for short period of time only, then you can trade based on your feeling. If you want to make money for long run, then you must trade based on data.

Why Trade Forex

1. Trade 24 Hours
Forex gives traders the opportunity to trade 24 hours. As a forex trader, you can trade at the Monday morning when the Sydney market is open until Friday when the New York market is close. If you are in United States, the forex trading time is from Sunday 5.00pm (ET) until Friday 5.00pm (ET). You can choose your own schedule which is convenient to you to trade.

2. High Levels of Liquidity
Every day there is 3.2 trillion dollars traded. This make forex as the largest financial market in the world. You can buy or sell almost instantaneously.

3. Benefit From Up or Down
You can go long or go short for the currency. In other words, you can buy the currency and sell it later or you can sell it first (although you do not have the currency at that time) and buy back later. Since you can buy or sell, then volatility is trading opportunity.

4. Access To All
A few years back, forex trading is only done by brokers with high commissions. Nowadays, as long as you have internet connection, you can trade forex in your office, home or at the beach. You can even start to trade forex by depositing small amount such as $100.

5. No Commissions
In forex trading, there are no brokerage commissions, government fees and exchange clearing fees. There is only spread which is the difference between the bid / ask price. This make forex as an attractive money making opportunity.

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