Friday, July 8, 2016

How Jesse Livermore Made and lose Fortunes in the Stock Market

How Jesse Livermore Made Fortunes in the Stock Market

Legendary Trader - Jesse Livermore
Jesse Livermore was a notorious stock market speculator during the first half of the 20th century. He was a major force on Wall St in markets that were plagued by the same hopes and fears as today's. “Reminiscences of a stock operator” in 1923 offers timeless insight and wisdom for traders offered by Livermore. Lessons taught can be applied to today’s markets:
  • Use a system and don’t deviate from it.
  • If a market doesn’t act right do not touch it; being unable to tell precisely what is wrong, means you cannot tell which way the market is going.
  • Don’t blame the market for losses.
  • Do not seek to lure profit back. Quit while the quitting is good- and cheap.
  • A Speculators chief enemy is boredom, don’t seek a trade let the trade seek you.
  • Use money management at all times.
  • Establish a trading plan.
  • Detail and analyse each trade thoroughly.
  • Establish entry and exit points and risk reward ratios.
  • Accept small losses as part of the game.
  • Do not concentrate on breakeven levels when you are losing.
  • Develop a trading plan for every possible situation that might occur.
  • Follow exit plans with rigid discipline.
  • Do not be overly cautious, simple trades are best.
  • Sustain patience; big movements can take a long time.

  • We hope these pearls of wisdom help.

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