Thursday, January 7, 2016

The usefulness of Play Money

As I always say "Un chirurgien doit se pratiquer sur des cadavres avant d'opérer des vivants." Which could be translated as "A surgeon must practice on corpses before operate on living people."

This is entirely true and that describe my view on Poker playing. If you needs several hours, months, and years of formation to be able to exercises a craft or a profession. Why it should be otherwise for Online Poker? Poker playing is all about the Money! The level of knowledge of the average poker player is higher than ever. Regular online poker players certainly have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of play as experience. How can you survive if you jump head first into the shark infested sea of online poker? How can you succeed without losing your shirt?

Since the level of Poker playing is so high right now. I feel that I need to practice, study, and specialize to be any good and profitable at Poker.

My game of choice, as you may know reading this blog, is Heads-Up Fixed Limit Texas Hold' Em PokerRight now I'm playing (practicing) at Pokerstars (the best place ever to play any kind of poker). I climb the level  How can you expect to be lucrative at the lowest money tables if you can't rules the fake money tables?

I'm currently on a 1,000,000 Play Money Challenge.
I started with the usual 1000 chips given by PokerStars and I will climb my way step by step to the top.

  • Only playing Heads-Up Limit Hold' Em on Pokerstars.
  • Starting from the buttom of the ladder at 10/20. 
  • Playing each game with 20 Big Blinds to the finish.
  • Taking a break after losing a game/stack.
  • Needing 400 Big Blinds to play at a level.
  • Return to the preceding level when I'm not satisfied of my playing.
  • Writing everything on paper (stack, number of hours and hands played, level, comments & impressions of the days) after each day. With weekly, monthly, and yearly total.

Discipline, strict money/bankroll management and a lot of hours of practice and hands played.

Here is the required chip bankroll needed to play at each level.

  1. 10/20 = 1000 chips
  2. 25/50 = 20,000 chips
  3. 50/100 = 40,000 chips
  4. 100/200 = 80,000 chips
  5. 250/500 = 200,000 chips
  6. 500/1000 = 400,000 chips
  7. 1000/2000 = 800,000 chips

Here above is my can't miss plan to my Heads-Up Limit Hold' Em domination.

What's yours? Do you have a plan?

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