Thursday, January 7, 2016

HU FL SNG Blinds structure

Heads Up Fixed Limit Sit & Go (HU FL SNG)

Blinds structure for Regular and Turbo on

1500 Chips to start

Regular (blinds augmentation every) 10 minutes
Turbo   (blinds augmentation every)  5 minutes

Below is the sheet I use to comparate the Blinds Structure of a Fixed Limit vs. No Limit HUSNG on

Why you should play HU FL SNG

  • Maybe long, but I think this duel, this game of chess, is worth playing. 

  • In HU SNG you won't get eaten by the rake like in HU Cash.

  • Contrary to No Limit Hold' Em, in Fixed Limit (FL) you don't have that much variance because when your opponent is bad your edge is HUGE


PokerStars Heads-Up FL Sit N Go

Buy-in, winning prize, and rake

hu fl sng on google

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