Thursday, June 18, 2015

Donald Trump Steaks

A lot of time I have started blogs in which I've invested time and expected unrealistic hope ( Blogs that turned out to be epic failures or never-was ( but none at the level of failure and ridiculousness of some of Donald Trump branding.

Think about Trump water, Trump vodka, Trump dishwashing soap, his United States Presidential Campaign...

As said VanityFair: "Donald Trump has created many things in his image: vodka, tacky ties, bankrupt casinos, several children, a failed magazine, etc."  

And what might be the very worst... Donald Trump mail order steaks in 2007!!??!!


You can associate Donald Trump with a lot of things, like firing people, horrible hair, marrying much younger models, and bankruptcy, but one thing you’d probably never immediately think of when The Donald unfortunately springs to mind is “fine food.” Sure, this is a man who has no doubt eaten in many an outstanding restaurant in his life, but eating food and serving food are two very different things. That didn’t stop Trump from trying to market his own line of steaks, and along with them, his own steakhouse.
Trump launched his own line of mail order steaks (WTF?), similar to the Omaha Steaks Company, and also opened his own Las Vegas steakhouse to peddle these amazingly overpriced slabs of beef. Needless to say, things didn’t go so well early on. His steakhouse was shut down after health inspectors came in and tagged it with an incredible 51 violations, and the restaurant was shut down until the entire situation could be remedied. This is one time we wish there could have been a reality TV crossover that involved Gordon Ramsay screaming at Trump and calling him a muppet.

Chew Donald Trump’s Meat: Trump Steaks?

Donald Trump is “raising the stakes” when it comes to steak!
The Sharper Image will be selling said steaks ($199 is the low-end). Apparently, these steaks are the essence of quality. Only 1% of American beef qualifies for the honor of being sold under the banner.
I’m tempted to say this will end up in the land where brand extensions go to die; but then again, Trump has peddled Trump Ice bottled water and Trump Vodka.
Generation Y generally doesn’t fall for brand loyalty and celebrity endorsements. Everything in the ad below reeks of the 1980s. Then again, he’s not targeting us. But I’m also having a hard time picturing the kind of person who would go out and buy these premium priced steaks, just because a rich man with a bad haircut and a tv show tells you they’re good.

Trump Steakhouse Hit With 51 Violations After Officials Find Month-Old Caviar, Expired Yogurt


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UPDATE ON THE ABOVE (November 9, 2016): I thought, just like anybody else, that Donald Trump Presidential Campaign was a joke with zero hope. I was dead-wrong just like everybody else. And now, I am proud to say that, against all odds, Donald Trump is a winner

There is no better revenge than success!

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