Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Donald Trump hair

It is an article that I wanted to write for a long time!  A post about Donald Trump hair!!  Comb-over, wig, toupee???  The real estate mogul hair are probably the most famous and horrible hair in the universe!!!

So let's now study this architectural wonder of the 21th century.

Donald Trump's stylized mullet

Donald Trump filed a lawsuit 
against the caterpillar.

Talk about a world famous coiffure.

Talk about a bad hair day.

Donald Trump...
The Secret

Donald Trump hair jokes...

Tireless entrepreneur Donald Trump marketed his own unisex hairpiece...

for only $29.95.

Donald Trump's Hair
The Great Mystery finally explained

Or maybe that's the real secret...


Much needed hairstyle suggestions

Donald Trump new hairstyle
is perfectly assorted to his orange fake tan.

Donald Trump finally accepting his baldness.

Inspired by Hollywood Hulk Hogan. 
Donald Trump opted for the skullet.

"Handsome" Donald Trump
with an A-List Celebrity hairstyle.

Donald Trump without wig


Perfect place for the birds!

Donald Trump ala Perez Hilton

Donald Trump at his best.

Donald Trump using Head & Shoulders

Donald Trump rocks the Mullet back into fashion.

"The Donald" on vacation at the local white trash redneck camping...

Donald Trump Asian clone

Donald Trump's long lost brother

Celebrities inspired by Donald Trump
(very short list)
Matt Damon

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