Sunday, August 31, 2014

Scumdog Billionaire

Scumdog Billionaires on Wall Street
Scumdog millionaires? Try billionaires! Those billionaire bums on Wall street deserve nothing but our disdain. The Madoffs of the world, the Wall street bankers and brokers, all those rotten to the core people, we say screw 'em! And this t-shirt says it all! An image of the Wall Street sign with a skyscraper behind it (from which some of them ought to jump), and the words SCUMDOG BILLIONAIRES!

Slumdog Millionaires? Try Scumdog Billionaires

Bernie Madoff, the Stanford Financial Group, Lehman Brothers, AIG, who knows what it all means? All we can figure is that there was massive fraud in a lot of places on Wall Street, and it cost Main Street dearly. Here is the t-shirt of the moment, titled SCUMDOG BILLIONAIRES:

Stock broker and money manager and hedge-fund operator and insurance rep can all sell their soul to become Scumdog Billionaire.

The movie Assault on Wall Street which presents the problems that arise with rich bankers and Wall Street brokers, business advisers...etc. It's all about “screwing the little man” so that “the cream rises to the top.” lol.. I love it!!

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