Monday, May 19, 2014

'Isildur1' Viktor Blom playing style


"I deposited $2,000 and within three weeks I had $2 million."

Large bet bluffs and reraise bluffs are all part of the playing style that he has perfected.

- He knows when to hold'em and when to fold'em.
- He puts his opponents to a decision for all of their chips.
- His continuation bet size is excellent, wagering bout 350 into most pots.
- His signature fatality is arrrr-in on the river with an overbet.
- People conjecture that he has been staked by that overweight neanderthal slob Tony G.

His hyper aggressive style is highly lucrative but is major leak is his complete absense of bankroll management.


Blom won and lost fortunes during a 13-month span between 2009 and 2010. Below is a look at the roller coaster swings during that time.

Oct. ʼ09: $-989.48K
Nov. ʼ09: $1.32M
Dec. ʼ09: $-2.22M
Jan. ʼ10: $0
Feb. ʼ10: $199.82K
Mar. ʼ10: $225.17K
Apr. ʼ10: $156.52K
May ʼ10: $-42.63K
Jun. ʼ10: $-249.1K
Jul-Aug. ʼ10: $0
Sept. ʼ10: $-214.1K
Oct. ʼ10: $-414.05K
Balance: $-2,227,850
* data from
...nine-tabling $500/1000 against Dwan, Ivey, and Antonius all at the same time????  The guy is plain crazy!

The style used by Viktor Blom is not one that many players would follow. In fact it has been described as reckless by most people. He often makes large bets even when he has nothing. He frequently plays multi table games when he is online and he is hyper aggressive. This has resulted in some really wild swings in his fortunes. After initially breaking onto the scene by winning a million dollars in a few weeks he managed to lose three million in one game. These swings have occurred because most of the professional players are smart enough to not fall for his bluffs.

'Isildur1' Viktor Blom is most likely the most thrilling poker player ever.  But his playing style and, worst of all, his bankroll management are not one to emulate.  You should model yourself on an equally aggressive but wiser player like Phil Ivey.  The point here, is to be a long-term winning player.  Not a rollercaster skydiver kamikaze. 

Nonetheless, my hat off to Viktor Blom.  He is an amazing player with tons of raw talent and an unseen willingness to face the best of the bests at the same time at the highest stakes possible.  A 1-on-3 handicap match.

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