Monday, September 30, 2013

Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Sit and Go

Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Sit and Go (HUSNG)


We also like the high win rates that are possible and how quickly your bankroll can grow playing heads up sngs. With a bankroll of 20 buy-ins, and a win rate of 60%, your bankroll doubles every one hundred tournaments. This means that you move up a level every hundred tournaments as long as you are strong enough to win 60% of your matches, and a strong player can move up very quickly. Starting with a $200 bankroll and doubling it every hundred tournaments, you will have enough money in your bankroll to play heads up sit and gos for a living at the $150 buy-in level after just 400 tournaments. A good player at this level makes well over $50 per hour!

You should not just be limping a lot more, because by raising with most of your hands, you will be putting extra pressure on your opponent and increasing the chances that you will win the blinds and antes. In a typical hu sng tournament, you should be:
  • Open raising or limping nearly all of your buttons;
  • Raising any face card;
  • Raising with any pair;
  • Calling with nearly everything else;
  • Re-raising with premium hands and medium pairs.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Chess and Gambling

I've found a very interesting article about the parallele that exist between being a good chess player and a good gambler.

 Gambling: You do not need to be Einstein to be a successful gambler. The key to success is understanding your niche and what is possible within that area. Specialise in honing those skills.

 Gambling: You don't need the memory of an elephant to win at gambling but understand which pieces of information are crucial to you in making that winning selection.

Gambling: Use your past successes to identify winning patterns. The realisation of the importance of this factor is of paramount importance . Train yourself to use this winning format time after time until it becomes second nature. You will instantly recognise both strength and weakness and the opportunities both may bring.  

Gambling: A disciplined approach will lead to consistency even when under pressure. This can best be achieved by appreciating familiar gambling patterns/analysis.

Gambling: without appreciation of winning patterns will lead to persistent mistakes and 'embarrassing loses'. These are familiar mistakes and it is important to take time to understand why they happen. When you understand the foundation to these errors, you will avoid them. 'Familiar patterns of information are processed more efficiently than unfamiliar ones'.

Gambling: Whatever your approach to gambling your advantage comes from making the right decision for a given circumstance.

Gambling: The use of parallel processing and understanding of familiar winning patterns/analysis is more effective that even the most advanced computer programs. To be a successful gambler is not related to a test of memory but how to recognise patterns and use your strengths. 

Gambling: We can all learn to improve as gamblers but be careful not to try and learn too much too quickly. Take small steps and appreciate what is behind your decision making. Learn what works and what doesn't and eradicate basic mistakes. 

Gambling: Evaluate your understanding and how you implement this to your gambling. Learn how to make the most of opportunities and avoid poor outcomes. Improvement can be gained from these exercises but once again do not push yourself too far. Small steps are the key to success. 

Gambling: To be a successful you need to be focused and passionate about your goals - both improvement and honing that winning formula. Improvement takes time and cannot be rushed and you may stay at that level for some time. Learning from the insight of others is particularly important. Continue to use what has been effective in your winning ways and through repetition it will become second nature. 

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