Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Become a Billionaire Gambler

How to Become a Billionaire Gambler

As I said, this site is not about being a recreational gambler (loser).  I will give you the tools and the inspiration to become a professional gambler, a professional investor, a professional speculator.  By professional, I mean a winning gambler, investor, speculator.  It is extremely difficult to achieve success in these three very similar domains.  Like all activities, whether it's sports, arts, businesses, professions, you will need complete dedication to be successful.  You must be passionated about it!  You must live for it!

By this site, I will give you informations, inspiration, and the best places to do business with.

For me, the words investor, speculator, and gambler are all about the same.

Here are the most lucrative forms of gambling/investing with notable high rollers and their net worths.

1- Stock Market (Warren Buffett, $62 Billion)
2- Forex (George Soros, $9 Billion)
3- Horse Betting (Alan Woods, $670 million)
4- Sports Betting (Billy Walters)
5- Poker (Phil Ivey, $100 million)
6- Golf Hustling (Titanic Thompson)
7- Blackjack (Zeljko Ranogajec)
8- Backgammon (Falafel Natanzon)
You can even add...
9- Tennis (Bobby Riggs)
10- Pool (Minnesota Fats)

Always remember that Time is Money, Money is Power, and Power is the ultimate Aphrodisiac!

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