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World's Biggest Casino Whales (High Rollers)

World's Biggest Casino Whales
(High Rollers)

They are fearless gamblers...  They play Baccarat, the richest game in the casino...  They are billionaires...  They can bring the house down with a single winning streak...  They are La Crème de la Crème of casinos all around the world...  They are the Casino Whales also known as High Rollers.

Globally, there are between 150-500 whales around the world.

- They are generally billionaire and certainly high net worth individuals.                            
- 80% are Asians
- All have instant credit line of $1 000 000 to $5 000 000.  Their credit lines can even be extended up to $20 000 000 to $25 000 000.  Just enough to have a nice weekend.
- Whales gets royal treatments from big casinos.  US Visa for Asian high rollers, private jet, the best hotel suites, personal chiefs, gourmet food, caviar, champagne, fine wines, free show tickets, expensive gifts, butler service, personal chauffeur, limousine rides, and whatever they want...  Everything is free for the whales.  Money attracts money! 
- Gamble around $10 000 to $1 000 000 per bet.  Chump changes for them.  No one play at the same table as them.
- Usually accompagnied by their own entourage (bodyguards, beautiful girls and close friends).
- Extremely generous.  Whales plays big and tips big!
- Are publicity shy.

3- The Sultan of Brunei - The World's Richest Royal, once the Richest Man in the World, as an absolute monarch he controls a fortune of $25 Billions.  

At one time, in a Las Vegas casino, he placed $250 000 chips all over a roulette table on each spin. 

2- Adnan Khashoggi - Notorious Saudi Arabian multibillionaire arms dealer is a world-famous casino whale who plays Blackjack and Baccarat.  Sometimes accompagnied by an entourage of a dozen people. 

His worth was estimated as $4 billion at one point.  Has confessed spending $500 000 on prostitutes in a single year.  But his 1982 divorce costed him $874 million.  Ooops!

After having a very large winning streak, Adnan Khashoggi is single-handedly responsible for a 19% profits drop in the quarterly earnings of Hilton International. 

Impressive!  Just think about it, a single gambler able to sank an entire casino.

1- Kerry Packer - The Undisputed King of Casino Whales and High Rollers is none other than Kerry Packer.  Known to play $450 000 per Blackjack hand and for his $1 000 000 tips to waitresses.  Kerry Packer dwarfed everybody, he played for forty years at the higher stakes.  Has been seen throwing bets up to $375 000 a hand while playing seven blackjack hands at a time.

The high rollers' favorite game is Baccarat.  And they second favorite game is Blackjack.  Since both games offers low casino edge.  Some high rollers play roulette, craps, and Pai Gow but the real action goes in the private no-limit Baccarat rooms.  Baccarat is their game of choice.  And the "hit and run" (take the money and go) tactic is also a favorite tactic of the high rollers.  Even on gambling vacations, most of them are business savvy.

Other whales worth of mention but who still couldn't make weight with the Big Three.  Mexican businessman Kamel Nacif, Hustler founder Larry Flynt, Baccarat icon Akio Kashiwagi, Mo Chan, Jimmy Goldsmith, "Fat Man" Fouad al-Zayat, Malaysian tycoons Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay and Quek family members, Indonesia’s Putera Sampoerna, Charles Barkley, Bruce Willis, Dennis Rodman, Tiger Woods, Roger King, William Lee Bergstrom, Nick Dandolos, John Daly, Robert Maxwell, Fouad Al-Zayat, Quek Leng Chan, Ahmed al-Reyaysa, Los Angeles Lakers Jerry Buss, William J. Bennett.

So you want to emulate the high rollers, go to the Baccarat table and gambles as big as you can.

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