Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kamel Nacif Casino Whale

Kamel Nacif - This wealthy Mexican businessman goes to Las Vegas 6 to 10 times a year with a bankroll between $1 000 000 and $5 000 000 each time.  The high-stake Baccarat player, with an average of $160 000 per hand, is said to have taken between $18 000 000 and $22 000 000 from Vegas casinos.  He is said to become easily agitated when things not going his way. 

Known as "El Rey de la Mezclilla" (the Denin King), Kamel Nacif Borge make his fortune in textile.  Kamel Nacif is one of the richest men in Mexico.  And he is currently one of the biggest and most famous gambler in the world.

Be a High Roller.  Play Baccarat.

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  1. This guy is linked to a pedophile network in Mexico!!! Do not follow his steps, he is a shame!!!

  2. This is were the money come from: The "Sun Herald" refers an investigation of the Game Commission of Nevada about the involvement of Nacif Borge in drug trafficking and weapons smuggling. In 2005–06, he became embroiled in scandals of political and sexual nature. During this time he was accused of negotiating the non-approval of gambling laws in Mexico with Emilio Gamboa Patrón. He was also named in Demons of Eden, the expose by journalist Lydia Cacho, as having pulled strings to protect child abuser Jean Succar Kuri. Subsequently he had her charged with defamation and was heard on tape negotiating with Puebla governor Mario Marín for Cacho to be captured by police and raped in jail. [from wikepedia]


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