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Isildur1 Viktor Blom

Isildur1 Viktor Blom

How he build his poker bankroll

Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

First of all, a young Swedish player nicknamed Blom90 deposited $2000 on Ipoker around January 1, 2009.  Playing 0.50/$1 online games, 15 hours a day.  Three weeks later, he had turned his initial $2K into, believe it or not, an astonishing $1.4 million bankroll by playing Heads-Up No Limit tables.  Then he disappeared from Ipoker.  At this point, Blom90 aka Isilbur1 aka Viktor Blom was only 18 years old.

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Jouez au poker en ligne

Isuldur1 crushing the pros on Full Tilt poker

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Jouez au poker en ligne

An unknown player from Sweden named Isilbur1 (a Lord of the Rings character) begun his Full Tilt Poker rampage on September 16, 2009.  His first two weeks at the $25/$50 No-Limit Hold'em were pretty uneventful.  But after that kind of probation period, he began to tear the high-stakes scene apart, taking on all-comers.

One of his first big catch came at the expense of Haseeb "INTERNETPOKERS" Qureshi.  Starting at the $25/$50 and moving to $100/$200 where Qureshi took a beating of nearly $500K in a 24 hours session.

Then, in the next few days, he dismantled UgotaBanana for $300K and took more than $700K from Cole South and lost some small amounts versus Brian Hastings and Brian Townsend playing $200/$400 and $300/$600 Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha.  By November 15, 2009, his Full Tilt poker earnings were at a career high $5.98 millions.

Heads-up versus the great one, Tom "durrrr" Dwan

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Jouez au poker en ligne

Then, the all time great Tom "durrrr" Dwan (one of the top online high stakes poker player) make his apparition, confident to break the unknown Swedish in short order.  But thing didn't go that way!  Mostly playing at 6 Heads-Up $500/$1000 No Limit Hold'em tables simultaneously, Isildur1 became famous after he won over $5.3 millions in one week after besting "durrrr" Tom Dwan on Full Tilt Poker

Rollercoaster losses

On the low side, while playing 3 tables Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em at $500/$1000 stakes, Isildur1 lost $3.2 millions to Phil Ivey (probably the best poker player in the world right now) in a week.  He subsequently stated that Phil Ivey was the toughest opponent he ever played.
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Also lost $1.1 million to Townsend, $840K to Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and $578K to Patrick Antonius.

World Record Holder

In his short career, Isildur1 is all ready a World-Record holder several times for his spetacular bankroll swings. 
- He was involved in all the top 10 biggest pots in online poker history.  Seven of those huge pots changed hand inside the same week.  All disputed between Isildur1 facing Antonius or Ivey. 
- Isildur1 had gone on the largest, most lucrative run ever in the history of online poker (taking approximately $5.3 millions from Tom Dwan in one week) 
- He was also the first person ever to lose a 7-figure pot (a $1 356 947 pot to Patrick Antonius). 
- Two days later, he won a $1.1 million pot against Phil Ivey.
- The largest gain and loss in a single day of online poker (losing $4.2 millions to Brian Hasting in a five hours session).

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Jouez au poker en ligne

Isildur1 vs the Corporation

In some kind of "conspiration" against him, Isildur1 lost $4.2 millions in a five hours session versus Brian Hastings on December 8, 2009.  Afterward, it was discovered that Isildur1's past opponents (Hastings, Townsend, Cole Smith) joined forces and shared information about more than 30 000 hands they played versus Isildur1.  Disgusted by the unfair play, Isildur1 left Full Tilt poker for several month.  Then, the mysterious and anonymous Isildur1 got a lucrative offer from PokerStars and officially joined the Team PokerStars Pro on December 2010.

But who is Isildur1?
Some rumor said he was wealthy retired NHL hockey player Matt Sundin (a Swedish and a relatively skilled and avid poker player worthing more than $25 millions USD).   Some pranksters said that Isildur1 is the Ghost of Stu Ungar (widely regarded as the best poker and gin rummy player who ever lived).  And a lot more crazy, ridiculous "rumors".
On January 8, 2011, at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, PokerStars finally revealed the identity of poker prodigy Isildur1 as being none other than Viktor Blom. 

However, now knowing his identity, the Swedish fisc wants his piece of the cake, $150 millions.  Ooops!!  No wonder why Viktor Blom now live in UK.

But who is Viktor Blom?

A high-stakes Heads-up Hold'em specialist?  For sure...  One of the best players in the world?  Absolutely...  An overly, hyper-aggressive player to say the least, a maniac known to regurlarly overbet (betting more than the size of the pot).  Nonetheless, a sick player with raw talent and several good years before him.

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