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High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game

High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game - The Ultimate Poker Challenge

Chess vs Poker

They say chess is the Games of Kings.  Give me a break!!
There is no risk in chess, no financial gain, no financial loss.  In my view, chess is pointless.  It kill all hope for the beginner, since chess is a complete information game.  There is no luck and randomness in it.  The best player will always win.

At less in poker, you always got an element of luck, which can play in your favor on the short-term.  But like all zero-sum game, in the long term, the most skilled player will always win.  But at least, the beginner or a player with marginal skills got some chance to break the bank if he is lucky, sometime very lucky.  It is all about choosing the right table at an appropriate level.

But don't think for a second that poker is just a brainless game of hazard and chance.  Don't you think that if it was just a silly game of luck you would always see the same people winning poker tournaments years after years?!?  Those people reigning on top of the poker world would be the World Luckiest People?!?  That's like all those profanes who think that the stock market is just a "game" of luck!?! 

For playing it myself, I can tell you that luck, in the long term, play for very little in the career of a poker player.

Never mind, there is no money to be made on chess.

Hold'em is to stud what chess is to checkers.
--Johnny Moss 

Doyle Brunson was referring to no-limit hold’em (NLH) as the ‘the Cadillac of poker games’ over 30 years ago.  This is undoubtedly the case in cash games.  Doyle Brunson also rightfully said that No-Limit Hold' Em is a money game played with cards.

The Ultimate Poker Challenge

But if poker is so great!!!  Can you tell me which form of poker is the best?  Which poker variant is the ultimate poker challenge?

Without any hesitation I say High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game.  Don't give a fuck about chess, bridge, and backgammon.  When your life is at stake at the center of the table and your financial well-being depends on the way you will play the flop, the turn, and the river...  Like Doyle Brunson would: "That's poker folks!"  

No-Limit is a not a card game. It is a money game played with cards.               
-- Arthur Reber

High Stakes Heads Up No Limit Hold Em Online Cash Game

High Stakes: Higher stake equal superior skills.  That's where the big boys play.  You will find the best players in the world, poker pros, and billionaire gamblers at the highest stakes...

Heads Up: The most extreme form of poker is heads-up, mano-to-mano, that where you see who is the best player of poker... 

No-Limit: that's where you can be your own worst enemy.  You're not only against the other player but you're against your emotions.  In poker, you must control yourself and keep a cold head.  Emotions are deadly!  Going on tilt is forbidden... 

Hold' Em: Texas Hold' Em is the name of the game... 

Online: Faster pace equal more hands per hours.  That's where all the action is!  The more hands you play the more experience you get.

Cash Game: The most lucrative and deadly form of poker.  That's where the money is... 

Who is on top of the food chain?

Sorry Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey is on top of the food chain.  Phil Ivey is the best overall poker player in the world.  Phil Ivey is excellent!

Jouez au poker en ligne
Jouez au poker en ligne

My HSHUNLHEOCG top poker players ranking

Maybe not as controversial as my lambasting of the chess game but it will certainly suscitate a lot of reactions from poker aficianados.  I will decorticate each element of the HS-HU-NL-HE-O-CG one by one.  So it will be less confusing.

High Stakes:  The Ultimate King of Nosebleed Poker is Texas banker Andy Beal, hands down.  Billionaire Andy Beal was at the center of the most epic poker confrontation in recent memory.  The Banker versus The Corporation.  The billionaire banker from Texas vs the best professional poker players of the world in $100 000/$200 000 Heads-Up Limit Hold'em.  What do you think about that?  It's not just nosebleed poker, it's bloodbath poker.  The stakes were so high that the pros got to regroup themselves and form a Corporation to equal the endless bankroll of Andy Beal.  The Banker defeated The Corporation a few times until Phil Ivey came to The Corporation rescue and stomped The Banker.  To read the entire story goes to: Andy Beal - The Banker versus The Corporation

Heads-Up:  Really close to the excellence in HSHUNLHEOCG, his name is Tom "durrrr" Dwan.  Right now, the guy is the most successful High Stakes Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Online Cash Game poker player in the world.  Sorry again Tom Dwan, you were my first choice but...  wait a minute... an unknown player named Isildur1 snatched $5.3 millions from your bankroll.  Isildur1, later revealed to be Viktor Blom, defeated Patrick Antonius for $1.6 million.  Was conned out of $4.2 millions by Brian Hastings in an unfair battle.  And, just like Andy Beal, Isildur1 was outplayed by Phil Ivey, losing $3.2 millions to Ivey.   To read the entire story go to Isildur1 Viktor Blom.

No-Limit:  Stu Ungar.  Blessed with a genius IQ and a photographic memory.  He started as an unbeatable gin rummy player, beating cheaters and world champions alike.Once said there was no one who could beat him in poker other than himself.  He was right since he self-destructed snorting excessive amounts of cocaine (his nose collapsed) and routinely losing all his money on sports bets, horse bets, and prop bets.  Having won an estimated $30 million during his poker career, Stu Ungar died of an heart attack at 46 years old with only $800 in his pocket.  His friends paid for his funeral services.

Hold'em:  Sorry no Phil Hellmuth there, this is not about tournament poker it's about cash game heads-up.  I will go with Doyle Brunson here.  The Godfather of Poker.  Like he would say:  "Texas Hold'em is the Cadillac of poker."

Online:  Tom Dwan.  Despite his $5.3 millions downstring against Isildur1 Viktor Blom.  Over the long haul, durrrr is said to be the best poker player online.  Phil Ivey think that one day, Tom Dwan will kick his butt at poker.

Cash Game: 
???  To paraphrase Phil Ivey, cash game is real poker.  And Phil Ivey is The Man here.  He bested Andy Beal and won more than $16 millions from him and he outsmarted Isildur1 Viktor Blom earning $3.2 millions.  Enough said.


They are all playing differently but aggression is a common trait of all these poker champions.  Whether you are tight or loose you should always play aggressive poker.  You must be a shark to swim with the sharks.

Jouez au poker en ligne
Jouez au poker en ligne

"I believe in poker the way I believe in the American Dream. Poker is good for you. It enriches the soul, sharpens the intellect, heals the spirit, and - when played well, nourishes the wallet." ~ Lou Krieger

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