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Fictional Gamblers: Who's the best?

Fictional Gamblers: Who's the best?
The fictional world is the reflexion of the real world.  Like in the real world, gamblers and investors of all kind are presents in the fictional world of Hollywood.  There is some really interesting and fascinating characters from the movie screen.


The Cincinnati Kid (1965)
His Name: "The Man" Lancey Howard
His Game: High Stakes Five-Card Stud
Accomplishments: As the king of New Orlean's gambling world, The Man has never been beaten in five-card stud.

Shade (2003)
His Name: The Dean
His Game: Poker "mechanic" (cheater / con-artist)
Accomplishments:  The greatest mechanic in the world, The Dean has never been beaten and is a living legend.

Casino Royale
His Name: Le Chiffre
His Game: High Stakes Texas Hold'em
Accomplishments:  Chess prodigy and mathematics genius who uses his abilities to make fortunes on the stock market and at poker.


The Runner (1999)
His Name: Deepthroat
His Game: Sports Betting
Accomplishments: A devious, ruthless, and powerful pro gambler who like to play mind games with his employees (runners).

Back to the Future Part II
His Name: Biff Tannen
His Game: Sports Betting
Accomplishments:  Becoming one of the richest and most powerful men in the world by using a sports almanac giving him 25 years of the upcoming sports' results in the future.  The dream of everyone!


Wall Street (1987)
His Name: Gordon Gekko
His Game: Corporate Raider
Accomplishments:  In 2008, with an evaluated fortune of $8.5 billion, Gordon Gekko was named the fourth richest fictional character by Forbes magazine.  Inspiring an entire generation of stock brokers and day traders. 

The character of  Gordon Gello was partly inspired by Ivan Boesky, Carl Icahn, and "Junk Bond King" Michael Milken.

In my view, in the fictional world of Hollywood and movies, the three greatest gamblers/investors are Le Chiffre, Biff Tannen, and the immortal Gordon Gekko.  If you have other suggestions, don't hesitate to add them in the comments sections below.

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