Sunday, May 29, 2011

Billy Walters

Billy Walters
"Do like Billy Walters and bet on yourself!"

Billy Walters is an excellent all-around professional gambler.  He started gambling at 5 years old and never stopped.  He is known as the greatest and richest sports bettor in the world.  Claiming a lifelong 57% winning percentage on his sports bets.  In 1986, Billy Walters won $3.8 million at the roulette exploiting the flaw of an old wheel at the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City.  Winning $3.5 million on 2010 Superbowl and $400 000 on a single golf hole.

But things wasn't always that perfect for Billy Walters.  Before making the big jump in Las Vegas to become a full-time pro gambler.  At 35 years old, Billy Walters was the typical pathological gambler/loser.  He was broke, owing money to several bookmakers, couldn't command any credit, into his third marriage, a ill son...  Despite being a very successful used-car dealer, making between $400 000 to $500 000 a year, he was penniless.  Gambling away all his profits.

No matter what regular job he got in the past, in his mind, he always been a professional gambler - pool, gin rummy, poker, blackjack, roulette, golf, horses, whatever...  But it all changed when in 1982, he moved to Vegas and focused all his efforts into being a professional gambler.  After being broke fifteen times, as he said, he started to focus, went on a 30-year winning streak as a sports bettor, and became a success story.

Thankx to his sports betting expertise, the once dirt poor boy from Kentucky now worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  He owns 7 homes around the world (one of his house worth $29 millions), 8 car dealerships, owns and operates 9 golf courses, shopping centers, commercial properties, a $20 million private jet, and a team of sports consultants and programmers who work for him in his gigantic office located in his Clark County area's grand estate.  And on a normal day, he can gamble an easy $2 million which is enough to move the line and change the odds. 

In a good year, he can rake $15 millions from gambling, which account for only 20% of his revenues.  So if $15 millions represents 20% of his yearly revenue.  We can conclude that he rake $75 millions a year, most of it via real estate.  Not bad for a degenarate gambler!

That's the American Dream! 



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  1. oh yeah Billy is the king of gambling there, we all hope to become like him :(

  2. i think most people want the dream like billy walter but there one thing they can't do is risk it all.

    1. Indeed my friend!
      Do it the Billy Walters way!
      Bet it all and win it all!

  3. Jon Price of Sports Information Traders is the other guy thats on Billy Walters level.


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